“Warm Bodies”: Where Zombies Find True Love

BY Kelly Didline
SC Photography Editor

“Another silly zombie movie coming out into theaters,” is what I originally thought upon hearing of “Warm Bodies” existence.

The past few years the world has been obsessed with this type of creatures and the possibility of having a zombie apocalypse.  In some people’s opinion, at least, the fad is about trying to be prepared for what would happen and what the world would be like if this were to happen.

But for me, I was not really into the whole zombie focus that has been spreading across the entire nation. I’ve seen other zombie movies and shows like “Zombieland” and “The Walking Dead,” but never really got into them as other people in my age group have.

That was up until this past weekend when I went to see “Warm Bodies.” It has received high reviews, which seemed promising, but I was not entirely sure how I would feel about it.  I went to make sure that I did not miss something special. Boy was I glad that I went to see it.

The movie was much greater than I thought it would ever be.

“Warm Bodies” is not your typical zombie movie. It does contain certain sections of blood, gore, shooting zombies in the head and brain-eating, but not what most people are usually looking for with these types of films. This is part of the reason that I enjoyed it. This movie did not need to rely on showing scene after scene of zombies attacking people in gruesome ways to capture attention.

It is a unique film that is different in the way the plot is presented and also how it did not have to overload your brain with intense action scenes.

The film was done in an interesting way. It contains lots of narration from the main character, R, which expresses his deepest thoughts and emotions that he is not always able to express through words, due to the fact that he is a zombie.

He shows his daily life and shares random things about his existence that people often overlook.

During the first few minutes of the film, the pace is a little slow. There is no real action, and you are just starting to see how the movie is being set up, which some people did not really care for. It did not bother me much, however, because I knew it would pick up soon.

Then R meets Julie, the girl that captures his eye, and he saves her from an ensuing zombie attack. Upon his first glance at her, he begins to change for the better, and the other zombies and bonies begin to take notice. And that is where the real fun begins.

Throughout the entire film, there were numerous jokes and places of comedic relief. It just added to the beautiful story that was being created.

“Warm Bodies” is actually a romantic comedy, and a really good one at that. It is not too mushy or filled with kissing; it is a movie that people of all ages can enjoy. It has some action, some battles between zombies, humans and bonies, and it also has some of the awkward scenes that all people go through when they are falling in love.

“Warm Bodies” also adds some references to the famous William Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet.” Not only through characters names like R and Julie, but also through the forbidden romance that is occurring between the two of them. They also find themselves replicating the famous balcony scene from the play in an interesting twist of events.

Overall, this film is something special that gives everyone in the audience something to entertain them and something that they will enjoy.

It is a perfect movie to see for a date that all will not mind sitting though and will actually enjoy doing so. This movie did not follow the norm, which paid off big time. I highly recommend that everyone should go see this film.
It is funny, cute and gives a new perspective on how a zombie apocalypse could happen, if there was to be one, of course.

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