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As the new semester has come underway, Student Senate continues to serve the student body of East Stroudsburg University to its fullest ability.

On Wednesday, February 20th, Senate hosted the Club Fair in the Keystone Room, where students were given the opportunity to learn about the numerous organizations on campus. These organizations assist students with excelling in their chosen majors and are highly recommended.

Student Senate has numerous events like this planned throughout the semester. One major event is the annual Community on the quad; this event will consist of these numerous clubs and organizations hosting of games and activities. The Community on the Quad will occur on May 4th, more information will be provided later in the semester.

During the first full senate meeting of the semester, ten new Senators were sworn in to fulfill the duties expected. These new senators have already proven themselves as assets and continue to perform beyond the call of duty. To learn more about the men and women of Student Senate, log onto It is vital that each and every student knows who it is that represents them in the important matters which occur daily. For anyone interested in finding out more information or joining Senate, please either come to the Senate Office on the second floor of the Union or check out the aforementioned site. Remember to Speak Up and Be Heard.

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