CAB Holds Open Meeting

Photo Courtesy / East Stroudsburg University Campus Activities Board
Photo Courtesy / East Stroudsburg University Campus Activities Board

SC Straff Writer

Campus Activities Board (CAB) conducted their first open meeting of 2013 to discuss upcoming events and membership guidelines in Shawnee Lounge at 2 PM on Tuesday, February 12.

Five committees are responsible for the various events on campus. The Special Events committee, with leader Tyler Hernandez, will be in charge of Community on the Quad on May 4.  This is an annual outdoor community event complete with music, food and more.

Another potential special event is Wax Hands. Students can make a personalized mold of their own hand from wax and then keep the created sculpture.

A trip to “Phantom of the Opera” on March 2 has been planned by the Out and About Committee, headed by Michelle Canepa. A tour of NBC Studios will also occur this spring semester.

ESU students are invited to watch local performers play music in a coffeehouse atmosphere, complete with hot drinks. The Coffeehouse Committee, led by Daniel Pagan, plan to host the event sometime before spring break.

A potential concert, organized by Kayshia Kruger and her Concert Committee, may take place in April.

Films throughout the entire semester are brought to ESU students through Channel 12.

Channel 12 is free for on-campus residents, and the channel broadcasts up to twelve movies per month. Savannah Doyle and members of her Cinema Committee discuss and vote on what movies will be broadcasted.

During the course of the meeting, the officers and other leaders introduced themselves. President Jen Moser, Vice President Liz Poole, Treasurer Leah Majdic, Secretary Basir Ali, and Gradruate Student Patrick Filanowski all stated their names and roles within CAB. The CAB advisor, Chris Bello, was unable to attend the first meeting.

President Jen Moser explained the active member guidelines. Active members assist with various events and get discounted tickets. In order to be an active member, participants must attend all open meetings, which occur every other Tuesday of each month. They are allowed two unexcused absences and must additionally attend at least three events per semester.

ESU students can get involved with CAB by becoming an active member, or even just by writing thoughts and comments to “Esu Cab” on Facebook.

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