Sorority Recruitment

Members of East Stroudsburg University's Greek Life Photo Credit / Katie Johnstone
Members of East Stroudsburg University’s Greek Life
Photo Credit / Katie Johnstone

SC Staff Writer

“Sorority Formal Recruitment at East Stroudsburg University”, it could sound a little intimidating and some may wonder what goes on. It’s no secret that Greek Life on our campus is small, but we’re getting there.  For this spring’s formal recruitment around 47 women signed up and of those women 23 received a “bid” (offer to join a chapter membership) by the end of it.

Despite some movie stereotypes, there is a GPA requirement to even sign up for recruitment and each chapter has one as well. Women participating in the process (Potential New Members) are guided by sorority women who have dis-affiliated from their chapters in order to provide an unbiased and peaceful process during the three nights.

During this past formal recruitment, the ladies played icebreaker games, learned about members individually, helped with philanthropy activities, and eventually found a chapter the resembled a home away from home.

Even though we all brag about how great our chapters are and everything we do, this year I think I can speak for most when I say we were the ones who were impressed. The women who chose to come out for recruitment really “wowed” me overall. Yes, some of them have similar interests and are just pleasant to be around. But, more so, a lot of them are ambitious women with some pretty firm goals for the future. They’re aspiring teachers, business women, helping professionals, with genuine character. Despite what some rumors may say or general perspective on Greek life, it’s not all about the ribbons and pearls.

Like any other organization, Greek chapters are looking for members that are going to ensure their future and contribute to them. This spring, our sorority chapters found women just as that and we hope to keep the momentum going not only through the fall semester, but for years to come here at ESU.

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