Google Has a Clear Vision For the Future

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If there ever was doubt in the idea that Google will one day take over the world, it is now all gone. In less than a week apart, the company revealed products that are sure to disrupt their respective niches.

First, there’s Glass – the one and only wearable tech you will ever need. It is a pair of glasses without lenses, stuffed with all the functionality that a modern day smartphone has.

The idea behind the device is to enable people to finally enjoy technology the way it was always meant to be – as an enhancement, not a deterrent, to everyday life. Eventually, once the project gets out of its current beta state, consumers should be able to place both phone and video calls, check their calendars, ask for directions and just about everything else a smartphone can do nowadays. And all that information will be seamlessly displayed in front of our eyes, without creating a distraction.

The technology is very young but Google is investing a lot of money and resources into the project. All of the reports have been positive so far. Additionally, Google is promising to work on integrating ordinary lenses that will allow people to purchase Glass as a replacement. The potential behind the technology is endless.

Unsurprisingly, Google is also very focused on revolutionizing even the most lagging corners of the consumer technology business.

The other controversial product, which was very recently released, is Pixel. It is a Chromebook: those laptops that Google has been trying very hard to push among customers as a safe and cheap alternative to traditional laptops. This time however, they decided to intentionally remove cheap out of the equation and replace it with premium, also known as pricey. On a blank piece of paper the device makes a stronger case for itself than its predecessors, but it costs significantly more—3 times more.

On the other hand, there is much to like. The screen has the highest pixel density ever implemented in a laptop, and it even likes to be touched. It is very light and sturdy, giving it a close resemblance to the line of products Apple is so famous for. But still, why would anyone pay what is a premium price for a laptop, when all you are getting is a browser? Why not!

That is exactly what Google is saying by showing the industry that they can do just about anything they set their minds to. That is the Google most people have a healthy dose of respect for, myself included, and it is great to see that they are geared to innovate and create the kind of technological future we are hoping for.

By the way, if you wish to lay your hands on either one of these exciting new toys, you will need to spend well over a thousand dollars. But, again, this is Google. Simply taking money in exchange for products is not exactly very futuristic, which is why in order to get a chance of buying Glass, you first need to impress them and we all know how that goes.

Fortunately, just like most new inventions, the prices will quickly become affordable once production has been scaled. Until Then, all we can do is sit tight and watch the world being disrupted by technological breakthroughs.

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