Wing Nights in Stroudsburg

SC Staff Writer

Wing Nights in the Burg have become very popular. As Warriors, we need a good meal to keep us on the go and fighting through our every day battles that come with being a Warrior. For almost every night of the week there is a different local spot to get cheap wings, from mild to honey BBQ. As well as socialize with friends outside of the classroom.

We begin the week on Main Street at Marita’s Cantina. They offer 45 cent wings all day Sunday. During football season they like to call it “Sunday Funday” which includes drink specials for the 21 and older Warriors. Here you can also enjoy chips and dip for free while you wait for your order of wings to arrive. With the wing special lasting all day, Marita’s Cantina becomes the popular hang out spot on Sundays.

Monday nights belong to Jock N Jill’s. Their wing night starts at 6 PM, where you can come in and enjoy their 35 cents wings until midnight. Jock N Jill’s has eighteen sauces guaranteed to have one your taste buds will love.

Flood’s has Tuesday nights, with their 25 cent wings; the cheapest of the week, from 7 PM to midnight. After speaking with Ken, a bartender at Flood’s, I was told that they do not have drink specials on their wing night but this does not stop the flood of students who come by each week.

On Wednesdays, Trackside is the place to be. During an interview with Arielle Williamson, a senior at East Stroudsburg University, she stated that, when ranked, the wings at Trackside are her favorite of all the others throughout the week. In her exact words “they give you a lot of meat on the bones”. This bar and grill also offers 35 cents wings, Michales being their most popular selection.

For the 21 and older Warriors, they have happy hour from 4 PM to 6 PM.

The last spot in our wings adventure through the Burg is Teddy’s Tavern, which is located on 2nd Street. They too, offer 35 cent wings from 7 PM to 10 PM. Customers choose two sauces, from the five featured, for dipping as the wings are served breaded. It was also said that they have good customer service.

All these locations are minutes from campus. From the responses of students who are regulars at these wing nights, you will be satisfied with the food and the amount of money left in your pocket. With results like this, I am sure it will put a smile on any Warrior’s face.

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