Local Alumna Makes an Impact at ESU

Robin Smith performs in Stroudsburg.
Photo Courtesy of Robin Smith
Robin Smith performs in Stroudsburg.
Photo Courtesy of Robin Smith

SC Staff Writer

Everyone is born, but not everyone is born for the same purpose. As for East Stroudsburg University alumna, Robin Smith, she was born to sing.

It’s no coincidence that, like the bird, her name is Robin.

“I could sing before I could talk,” said Robin.  “It’s just what I was born to do.”

Most people think the ultimate measure of success is fame and money, but that is not the case for this 31-year-old singer. Growing up, she dreamed of being great. Deep in her heart, she knew she wanted to make an impact on people. Her gift of singing and song writing helped pave the way to her dream.

When someone mentions “Robin Smith” in the Poconos, it’s not uncommon for some to know the name, or at least recall that bright blonde bob of hair. Robin has made herself  notable to many in the local community and on the ESU campus.

She runs an organization on campus called The Awakening, which is aims to “wake up” God’s purpose in students’ lives. The Awakening uses the performing arts to bring the message of the Bible to life. It’s said to be like Whose Line is it Anyway, but with Jesus. It has grown over the past few years and has radically changed students’ lives, including mine. Robin also ministers bi-weekly at a local second-chance school and leads worship every Sunday at her family’s church in East Stroudsburg.

In 2005, Robin got the opportunity to sing at The Pocono Leadership Prayer Breakfast, an event is annually attended by over 700 local business owners, community leaders, politicians and Supreme Court judges.

That single event has opened many doors in her career. Now, she is usually referred by others because of the name she has acquired.

Robin has sang at events across the community, such as the Pocono Medical Center’s Presidential Banquet, Stroud Township Fire Department’s Annual banquets, State Representative Mario Scavello’s campaigns, Stroudsburg’s Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, ESU Gospel Choir concerts, several other ESU events, churches, and youth functions to name a few.

On top of that, Robin and her friends wrote an original Christmas play that they have performed over the past five years. The last two years it has been performed in the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg. The play brings an uplifting message and is sure to leave a smile on your face and your heart.

Not only can Robin sing, but she is a gifted songwriter. She spends a lot of her time writing songs of her own. She says her lyrics come from everyday experiences she goes through or things that she sees happening in the people around her. She has remixed well-known songs for the younger generation and has written songs for the older crowd as well. Either way, Robin’s songs are always uplifting and positive. She uses whatever inspiration she can to reach everyone.

Robin has every intention to keep on the track of her mission—to reach and inspire people through her music. She is willing to do whatever it takes. Whether singing a patriotic song for politicians, or rapping one of her own songs for teens, Robin wants to reach all people. She does it all—she’s a singer, songwriter, pianist, actress, minister, and youth director. Through her talents, she wants to bring hope and make each person feel special.

“We’re living in a different era. People need to be told they are loved,” said Robin.

Although it is not her dream to get famous through a singing competition such as American Idol or X Factor, Robin feels that the more famous she is, the more lives she can reach.  A personal dream of hers is to sing in the White House for the President. Robin said she wants to one day write a patriotic song that will be sung across the nation.

Through singing and ministering to people, she sees the impact she leaves on them and that gives her inspiration to keep doing what she is doing.

“I was put on this earth for a purpose. I’m on a mission, a mission to spread purpose and love,” said Robin. “A little love can go a long way.”

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