Students Offered A Summer Abroad in Turkey

Anadulo Univeristy where ESU students will be studying in Eskishir, Turkey. Photo Courtesy/ Dr. Cem Zyetinogu
Anadulo Univeristy where ESU students will be studying in Eskishir, Turkey.
Photo Courtesy/ Dr. Cem Zyetinogu

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East Stroudsburg University is offering its students the opportunity to study abroad in Turkey this upcoming summer.  The study abroad program is offered to students through the Communications Studies Department. The program is based at Anadolu University in the ancient city of Eskisehir, Turkey.

Anadolu University is one of the largest Universities in Turkey, educating about 30,000 students including those in the Graduate Program.

Anadolu is also known for having one of the greatest distance education programs.  The program is open to all ESU students who are in good standing.  The trip will start July 16 and will conclude August 13.

“It is a large institution with a lot of great resources,” says Dr. Cem Zeytinoglu of East Stroudsburg Univeristy’s Communication Department.

Dr. Cem Zeytinoglu and Dr. Rob McKenzie, both of the Communication Studies department, will lead the group to Turkey this summer. Dr. Zeytinoglu, an alumnus of Anadolu University, will be teaching Advertising and Propaganda. Dr. McKenzie will be teaching Comparative Media.

East Stroudsburg’s students are given the opportunity to earn credits while experiencing a new country.  It is required of the students to enroll in at least one of the courses offered to them.  Enrolling in both courses is also an option.

While giving the opportunity to learn about advertising as well as comparative media being an alumnus of Anadolu University, Dr. Zeytinoglu shared that professors he knows from Anadolu University will be guest speakers during some of the lectures.

“The courses will be a collaboration of the ESU Faculty as well as the Turkish Communication Science Factulty,” says Dr. Zeytinoglu.  “It is a good experience to see what the Turkish faculty has to offer.”

The program cost and airfare includes housing, most meals, travel insurance, and ground transportation in both the United States and Turkey.

The food provided to students is fresh made meals similar to that of ESU’s cafeteria.  As for the tuition, the courses are not included in the program cost.

Outside of the classroom the students are offered the opportunity to see what else Anadolu University has to offer in its Communication Science Department.

One opportunity presented to the students is the option to visit Radyo A.  This is a radio station run by Adanolu University and its students.  The students are also invited to attend and partake in a Student Conversation Forum run by Anadolu University.

Students are also able to meet with social, cultural and political leaders while in Eskisehir.

“It is a good experience to have and you will receive college credits,” says Dr. Zeytinoglu on studying abroad.

Students are also offered the opportunity to tour places in Turkey. The trip will include days of touring Istanbul, which is one of the largest cities in Europe.  Another day will be set aside to tour the capital of the old Ottoman Empire.

In Istanbul students will be able to visit Media sites, museums, cultural and historic places, CNNTurk, and NTV MSNBC.

Other historical sites being visited include Hagia Sophia, which was originally a temple, later turned into one of the first Christian Churches.  Eventually the church was converted into a mosque and is now currently a museum known as Hagia Sophia.

Other historical sites will include Ankara, which is Turkey’s Capital.  Bosphurus is another stop to be made throughout the trip.  Bosphurus is the straight between Europe and Asia.  Aizanoi is an ancient Greek and Roman City that used to be a large trade post and is another stop for ESU students.

East Stroudsburg’s students while on their trip will visit several other places.

Dr. Zeytinoglu also informed me that East Stroudsburg University students will be able to experience Turkey nightlife while on their stay.

“Since we are visiting Turkey during the main tourist times I am looking into planning a weekend to the southern coast, if students seem to be interested,” states Dr. Zeytinoglu.

Dr. Zeytinoglu also stated that he was very excited for the trip and encourages all students to take advantage of this opportunity while it is available to them.

Students have until April to decide whether they will be making the trip to Turkey.  Dr. Zeytinoglu also encourages any student interested in the trip to come to him with any questions they might have.

East Stroudsburg University offers its students the opportunity to study abroad over the summer recess.  Some options include studying Language, Culture and Politics in China as well as Global Public Health in the Dominican Republic and few others.

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