Students Unprepaired For Grad School

Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall on ESU Campus. Photo Credit/ Kelly Dildine
Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall on ESU Campus.
Photo Credit / Kelly Dildine

By A Disgruntled 
ESU Student
SC Staff writer

As a graduating senior with ambitions to attend graduate school in the fall, it has been a battle getting accepted into any programs.

Many would say that it is my fault that I did not get accepted. Maybe I applied to schools that are difficult to get in to due to the competitive nature of my intended track of study. Maybe my grades are not as good as they should be. Maybe my GRE scores are just too low for me to be considered for the program. Or maybe it is because I never could find an internship. But when it comes down to it, it may actually be because I went to ESU.

When asking some of the larger schools to which I applied about why I was not accepted, most of them replied that my undergraduate course work was not competitive enough to be admitted into the program. Also, some of them said that my lack of internship experience and publishable research also did not help my case. Both of these things should have been provided to me by my undergraduate program, however, ESU did not provide these things.

All that I ask is for ESU to re-evaluate their programs to make them more comparable to larger universities, especially for those of us that plan on going to graduate school—even if that means making the curriculum more difficult.

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