Tyler Perry explores Love, Betrayal, Temptation, and Fidelity in New Release

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Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is a story of love, lust, trust and betrayal with a not so happy ending.

Childhood sweethearts Judith, played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Brice, played by Lance Gross move from a small Southern town to the big city of Washington D.C. in hopes of pursuing their dreams.

Judith wants to open her own marriage counseling business but in order to do so she works as a therapist at a matchmaking company, saving up until she is more established financially.

Seemingly shy and quiet, along with being raised by a highly religious mother, Judith is plain and conservative, dressed often in long sleeves and knee length skirts.

Because of this, she is constantly being picked on by her co-worker and self-proclaimed fashionista Ava, played by Kim Kardashian.

Brice works at a local pharmacy, owned by a witty older woman named Chapman, played by Renee Taylor in hopes of owning his own. Their newly hired employee Melinda, played by Brandy Norwood is always on edge. While Bryce and Chapman constantly attempt to figure out exactly what is wrong, Bryce soon finds out that he’s connected to her beyond the four walls of the pharmacy.

The married couple does not live an extravagant lifestyle but their love seems to keep them together until one of the wealthiest bachelors in D.C. arrives. Harvey, played by Robbie Jones is looking to invest money into the matchmaking company and heavy French accented boss Janice, played by Vanessa Williams enlists Judith to help suit Harvey’s every need to ensure sealing this account.

Harvey, a social media entrepreneur is a handsome smooth talker who tries to get Judith to see that yet she may be happy with Brice; she has never truly been with someone else to compare him to.

The script comes to life as Judith becomes another person right before the viewer’s eyes. Brice is oblivious.

He doesn’t recognize the change at first, but pushes her further when he forgets her birthday for the second year in a row.

With the help of constant late-night talks with Harvey, Judith begins to feel as though she is missing out on something bigger than her long-time lover and looks for Harvey to fill that need.

Slowly but surely through manipulation and the use of his money, Harvey gets to Judith,  both mentally and physically. He is also hiding a big secret that is revealed at the end of the movie.

This film similar to Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? And For Colored Girls tells a dramatic, but realistic story of the consequences one may face based on the temporary choices they look to make.

This is the fourteenth movie written and directed by Perry. Temptation was released on March 29th, 2013 and grossed over $22.6 million it’s opening week.

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