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University Bookstore in the University Center of ESU.
Photo Credit / Kelly Dildine
University Bookstore in the University Center of ESU.
Photo Credit / Kelly Dildine

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Many changes have been made to East Stroudsburg University since Marcia G. Welsh stepped on campus last July.  One of these changes inclues the new management of the University Bookstore.

The bookstore was recently purchased by Barnes and Nobles, and after walking around the place, everything seems to be more organized. Most notably the sections where sweatshirts, sweatpants and T-shirts seem to be the most organized they have ever been. However, there seems to be too many clothing sections and even though most of the clothes are ESU oriented, they all blend together. For example a larger variety of color would be nice instead of the usual color choices of red, black or white.

With the shelves more spacious, it’s easier to find what students need without ever leaving campus. But if a student needs the unusual replacement for shoelaces, hangers, or even oven mitts, they can all be found in the back right corner before the small grocery styled food section.

The hectic schedule of a college student can make it difficult to go to Wal-Mart to buy food for late night snacking. To solve this problem, Barnes and Nobles kept the convenience store. The convenience store also still offers the least expensive coffee on campus, and if its a sugar rush you’re looking for, everything you need can be found there.

Unfortunately, most of the food on the shelves is junk food. Although these unhealthy choices may be comfort food to most students, there should be a better selection of healthier options since too much junk food can take a toll on a person’s health.

As of right now there aren’t any textbooks on the shelves in the bookstore, but there is a small reading section where students can choose a book for enjoyment when taking a study break. But as an avid reader, this section has proved to be the most disappointment.

Shouldn’t there be a larger selection of books if Barnes and Nobles own the bookstore? Sadly there isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to picking out a book, and since a lot of students are away from home and can’t pack all of their books for joy reading in their suitcases, there should be more variety for students who don’t have time to leave campus and find bookstores around town all the time.

Despite this, however, the bookstore staff has always been very helpful whether on the phone or face to face when a student can’t find the textbook they need. The shelves were  always organized before Barnes and Nobles took over, and it is likely to stay the same.

With the many changes that have been made here on campus, especially to ESU’s bookstore, there is a sense of hope that more ideas and creativity will come as the semester comes to an end and they get ready for the new semester for next year.

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