Student Senate Candidates Prepare for Coming Elections

Student Senate Vice President Candidate, George Mitchell.
Photo Credit / Dana Reese
Student Senate Vice President Candidate, George Mitchell.
Photo Credit / Dana Reese

George Mitchell

Major: Pre-law
Minor: English
Year: Junior
Clubs involved with: Phi Sigma Kappa
Positions running for: Vice President

If you are elected, what will your priorities be as Student Senate President/Vice President?

If elected, my main priority will be simple: serve the student body. I will dedicate my time to ensuring that Senate represents each and every student. No matter what problem it is, when voiced it will be examined and if within the power of Senate will be resolved appropriately.

What is your involvement with Student Senate?  What committees and other events have you worked with/on?

While serving on Senate I have worked with the Public Relations Committee and have written bi-weekly articles detailing Senate’s activities and achievements. Also, I currently serve as a representative on the Food Committee making sure the requests and concerns of the student body are known.

What sets you apart from the other senators, or at least, those running?

That which separates me from my opponents is my involvement with Greek Life. As a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa I have served as the head of Community Service and Philanthropy chair. While in control of these positions I commanded over two thousand community service hours which garnered my fraternity awards from both ESU and our National Head quarters. Currently I serve as the Secretary and alongside my fellow Executive Board members strive for excellence within our fraternity as well as Greek life as a whole. During my time holding these positions, I have gained the experience and skills necessary to lead an organization like Senate.