Student Senate Candidates Prepare for Coming Elections

Efia King, ESU junior, running for Student Senate President.
Photo Credit / Kelly Dildine
Efia King, ESU junior, running for Student Senate President.
Photo Credit / Kelly Dildine

Efia King
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Political Science and Women’s Studies
Year: Junior
Member of: African American Student Alliance, Feminist Alliance, and Student Senate

If you are elected, what will your priorities be as Student Senate President/Vice President?

If I am elected for Student Senate President my biggest priority would be student engagement. While student engagement may sound like a very broad subject, it is very important because students essentially are the leading forces at colleges and universities.

Students should feel empowered to stand up for clubs, organizations, and causes that they believe in and should have fun as well. Students should want to participate and support other students and programs that take place on and around campus.

As students we have the power to make changes to things that we do not like and improve upon the things that we want to be better at our university. Instilling a sense of school pride into the students, faculty, and staff of ESU is only the beginning of the journey to make ESU one of the best schools in the PASSHE system. This can only be accomplished by maintaining open communication between all of the networks on campus such as Student Senate, Administration, Student Activities Association, etc. I also believe it is important to incorporate ESU’s mission “Prepare to Serve” into more of ESU’s events and activities.

What is your involvement with Student Senate?  What committees and other events have you worked with/on?

I am currently a Senator on Student Senate. I have previously served one year and was a member of the Special Events Committee and this semester I am on the Public Relations committee. During my time with the Special Events committee we planned and organized the fundraisers for Student Senate, planned the Student Senate banquet, assisted with Wiener Day, and participated in other Student Senate events as well. On the Public Relations committee we are responsible for the Student Senate social media (Twitter, Facebook, and the website) which is kept up to date with news, minutes, promotion of events, and other important information to inform students and other members of the ESU community.

What sets you apart from the other senators, or at least, those running?

My involvements with other clubs and organizations on campus have given me the opportunity to gain a broader understanding of the university than the other presidential candidate. I have been involved with several clubs and organizations on campus and was a Resident Advisor and Orientation Leader. I also love to volunteer and have participated in many volunteer opportunities on and off campus.  These opportunities were not only great experiences but taught me a lot about the importance of connecting and listening to students. Like many other students at ESU, I have a grown a love and attachment to this institution and my only hope is that it keeps progressing and moving forward and time goes on. I believe in the students, faculty, and staff of ESU and am confident that we can be a leading force or greatness   within the PASSHE system.