Student Senate Candidates Prepare for Coming Elections

Dan Hagan, candidate for Student Senate Vice President.
Photo Credit / Dana Reese
Dan Hagan, candidate for Student Senate Vice President.
Photo Credit / Dana Reese

Dan Hagan

Major: Political Science
Minor: Communications
Year (freshman-senior): Junior
Clubs involved with: Student Senate
Positions running for: Vice President

If you are elected, what will your priorities be as Student Senate President/Vice President?

The Students of ESU has, and always will be my main priority. Currently, I want to bridge the gap between the students, faculty, and the administration and the best way to do that is through campus involvement. I want to work to get the campus community excited about being a warrior!

What is your involvement with Student Senate?  What committees and other events have you worked with/on?

Currently, I am the Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Affairs. My committee and I supervise all the clubs and organizations on campus, making sure they are adhering to the rules and regulations mandated by Student Senate and S.A.A. Also in this position, I work as a liaison between new clubs and Student Senate. I help them formulate constitutions as well as introduce them to the Senate floor to be voted on for official recognition. While serving as Coordinator I have organized two Club Fairs which took place in the Fall and Spring semester as well as organizing the upcoming Club Awards which will be held Wednesday, April 17, at 7pm in the Keystone Room.
–    I also sit on:
S.A.A Board of Directors
Nominating Committee
Book Store Advisory Committee
Noonan Fund Committee
Stony Acres Advisory Board
University Wide Senate
Student Affairs Committee
Technology Committee

What sets you apart from the other senators, or at least, those running?

What sets me apart from the other candidates is my background with S.A.A. S.A.A is a huge part of campus life and being fully involved has given me the opportunity to represent the Students in the best way possible. At every meeting I attend, I am there for the Students and I make decisions based on what I believe is the best for all Students.