Student Senate Candidates Prepare for Coming Elections

Kwaku Adjei-Bohyen, ESU Junior running for Student Senate Vice President.
Photo Credit / Dana Reese
Kwaku Adjei-Bohyen, ESU Junior running for Student Senate Vice President.
Photo Credit / Dana Reese

Kwaku Adjei-Bohyen

Major: Political Science & Economics
Year: Junior
Clubs involved with: Student Senate, University Wide Senate, International Student Organization, Economics Club, Pre-Law Society, NRHH, Moses Society and several other University Committees.
Positions running for: Vice President

If you are elected, what will your priorities be as Student Senate President/Vice President?

As the Vice President I would like to promote a better communication link between student senate the student body. I would make sure that students are well informed about what is happened between our advocacies with the University in general. Also I hope to revamp student senate legislative process as stated in our constitution and increase the student voice by representing what the student body wants and not just what Senate wants.

What is your involvement with Student Senate?  What committees and other events have you worked with/on?

I am currently the Coordinator for Student Affairs, representing the student body regarding things that happened outside the classroom to the administration. One of my major goals I am working on currently is changing the “safe ride” program for student over 21 years to include students under 21 by getting the school to approve a shuttle program that could probably run from Thursday to Saturday. I also serve as a committee member in University Academic Committee, Commission of Racial Ethnic Development for the President, Student Faculty Conduct Board, and Staff Selection Committee for Res-Life among other committees as well.

What sets you apart from the other senators, or at least, those running?

My experience with working with student goes beyond Senate. I served in student senate in my freshman and by my sophomore year, I was serving in other committees outside student senate. I worked as an orientation leader and Resident Advisor which opened several doors for me with working with different students that goes beyond student senate. I also met several University Administrators and Staff members earlier than my opponents, therefore allowing me to create a good reliable relationship with them. I know a lot of student through several positions I have held therefore, making it easier for me to also communicate with students and knowing what their grievances exactly are, making my representation for student quite balance. I enjoy working as a student leader for Students and I hope to use this position to represent the student problem by advocating for them.