Students “Hang-Out” With President Welsh

ESU’s Football team with one of the President Welsh cut-outs.
Photo Courtesy / University Relations
ESU’s Football team with one of the President Welsh cut-outs.
Photo Courtesy / University Relations

SC Staff Writer

The week of April 1 to April 5 was a week to go down in East Stroudsburg University history as one of the coolest, school-spirited, and informational weeks thus far.  The week and its events symbolized the celebration of the inaguration of ESU’s thirteenth university president, Dr. Marcia Welsh.

A highlight of the week was the on-going contest to spot a life-sized Dr. Welsh cut-out on campus.

Students were encouraged to snap a picture and send it into Brenda Friday of the University Relations department.  The winners got a limited edition, “Great Expectations” backpack from the department in honor of the inauguration ceremony on April 6, 2013.

The cutouts of Dr. Welsh were placed all around campus for students to see. In high trafficked areas such as Dansbury Commons and the Martolli Recreation Center, students passing stopped and took out their cellphones to “hang out” with the president.

The Warrior spirit went into overdrive with 60 to 80 pictures sent through email and social media. The buzz swept campus with questions of “I wonder where she will be tomorrow!” or “Do you think she’s really this tall?” shouted by excited students.

The cardboard versions of Welsh promoted a fun, interactive way for students to show their support for ESU and welcome the new president officially.

Social media also ignited in response to the photo contest.  Messages flooded toward ESU’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  Brenda Friday, director of the University Relations department, says: “The contest aimed to enhance school spirit and we are delighted by the response!”

The “Where’s Welsh?” photo contest definitely gave life to a new chapter in ESU’s history. As the first female president, students were able to interact and celebrate in the significance as the countdown to the ceremony passed.

Beside a slick, black, mesh lined backpack, the Warriors of ESU can reflect on being a part of a changing campus community for years to come.

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