The Walking Dead Wrapped Up




Season three of the hit AMC’s television series, The Walking Dead, wrapped up last Sunday with a cliffhanger.

For those who haven’t been following, The Walking Dead is a thrilling series that examines the lives of Rick and his group of survivors, following a zombie outbreak and the fall of modern society.

The latest season didn’t waste any time leading viewers into action, beginning with the same pace that season two left on.

Rick’s group is obviously worn down after a winter of fighting off zombies and starvation, and they are in need of shelter—someplace to call home.

This is where the prison comes into play. The new shelter gives Rick and his group the sense of security they’ve searched for since losing Hershel’s farm at the end of season two.

Sure, the formula is always the same— find new shelter, establish a false sense of security, and then lose everything just when things are looking up—but season three throws in a whole new twist, and his name is The Governor.

The Walking Dead’s running theme of good and evil is expanded once again, but not everything is as black and white as before.

This season of The Walking Dead was all about character development and showing how easily characters can go completely off the deep end while living in a broken world.

The pace of the show did drop off early mid-season, but show runner, Glen Mazzara, gave viewers an action packed mid-season finale that established a new speed for the show that stayed strong to the end.   One of the strongest challenges the show faces is killing off big characters, while not upsetting viewers.

So far they’ve done a great job of doing this, and their method is simple: always have a likable replacement in the wings, and this was how the season wrapped up.

Season four starts in October with a new character dynamic that is sure to please all the fans.


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