ESU Students’ Art Exhibit

Paintings at the Art Association Exhibit.
Photo Credit / David Nostrand
Paintings at the Art Association Exhibit.
Photo Credit / David Nostrand




Over the last several weeks, a Student Art Association Exhibit was held in the Madelon Powers Gallery, located in the Fine Arts and Performing Center. Unlike the paintings and ceramics exhibit that ran earlier in the semester, this exhibition exclusively features student artwork, and that includes students of all kinds, not just art majors.

This exhibit wrapped up on April 19, but on April 3, a reception was held where prizes were awarded for the best artwork on display.

First place went to Lauriel Gingrich, while Alma Barrantes got second place, and Abigail Braman got third place. Melody Rivera received the Best 3-D Award.

Also at this reception, the Excellence in the Arts Awards were presented.

This was a chance for high-achieving students to be honored in five separate categories: music, art, theater, dance, and art history. Alma Barrantes won for art, Nikolette Volpe for dance, Victoria Oberdick for music, Michelle Jones for theatre, and Gina Rodriguez won the Cecilia S. Cohen Art Award for Excellence in Art History.

Overall, the reception was well attended by students, faculty, and staff. President Welsh and Dr. Reidhead, provost, also attended to show their support.

On April 24, the Senior Exhibition opened, and a reception will be held on May 8.

Unlike the Student Art Association Exhibit, this display features only work from students studying in the arts.

Students on the design concentration are given the chance to showcase a portfolio, which includes a variety of work, such as logos, press kits, posters, and self-branding items.

Speaking about this exhibit, Joni Oye-Benintende, Gallery Director, said, “Each student creates their own ‘brand,’ a way to present themselves in a unique and self expressive way to a potential employer or graduate school reviewer.”

The Senior Exhibition serves as a capstone for work done by students in the Fine Art Studio concentration and Advanced Independent Study students.

Because gallery exhibitions are scheduled well in advance, there are some events to look forward to.

According to Oye-Benintende, next fall the gallery will showcase “artwork that’s a little more topical and controversial.” There will be exhibits for a sculptor who works in multimedia and an artist who has strong political views. In 2014, the gallery will host two faculty shows.

Oye-Benintende offered some remarks to anybody interested in seeing what the Madelon Powers Gallery offers: “I would like to see more students come and look at the art in the gallery. I would like to invite everybody on campus. We have a lot of good artists, and we have great food at the receptions.”


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