Joe Warren to Talk on Whales




This Friday, April 26, an esteemed professor from the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences of Stony Brook University, Dr. Joe Warren, will be coming to ESU to give a presentation as part of the East Stroudsburg University Biology Department’s BioColloquium series. The lecture will be held in Room 122, Moore Biology Hall on Friday, April 26 at 4 PM.

This is the third in the series this semester, and it is titled “Using Sound to Study the Foraging Behavior of Large Baleen Whales.”

Dr. Warren has studied Baleen whales in many areas, including as far south as the frigid Antarctic Ocean and in the balmy waters surrounding Baja California. He uses sound to image groups of plankton underwater as they are eaten by the whales.

This work is very important in order to understand the behavior and ecology of these large marine mammals. Understanding these animals is of the utmost importance, because most of the baleen whales are highly endangered, and, as such, understanding their behavior is a very important part of their conservation.

Of course, this kind of lecture appeals predominately to biology students and professors at ESU, but people from all majors and departments are encouraged to come.

For example, the technology used to image these plankton congregations is cutting edge, and the science behind this technology should appeal to individuals in both the computer science and physics departments.

Dr. Warren is being sponsoredby ESU’s Marine Science Club. Refreshments will be provided and for assistance or accommodations, please call (570) 422-3725.


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