Three Days Grace Performs

Barry Stock from Three Days Grace.
Photo Credit / Christy Seiple
Barry Stock from Three Days Grace.
Photo Credit / Christy Seiple




Canadian rock band,Three Days Grace, performed at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA to a full house on Friday, April 19, 2013.

Fans began lining up outside the Sherman Theater as early as 5 PM on the rainy Friday evening, waiting outside for two hours under a tornado watch before they were able to enter the venue.

As the show’s tickets were primarily general admission, true Three Days Grace fans were willing to wait in the intermittant wind and rain in order to get the best possible location in relationship to the stage inside the show.

Three Days Grace took the stage just before 9:30 PM and played until almost 11:00 PM.  Rock band Pop Evil, of Grand Rapids, Michigan opened the show.

Singer Matt Walst used the etire breadth of the stage and boxes next to the stage during the show, surprising some young fans in those boxes by appearing behind them while singing.

The band performed a variety of songs from their debut album, sophomore album, and their latest release, “Transit of Venus.  Crowd favorites included “I Hate Everything About You,” “Pain,” “Never Too Late,” “Riot,” and “Chalk Outline.”

Three Days Grace Tour Manager and Assistant, Shawn Hamm, joined the band on stage to sing the Limp Bizket song “Break Stuff.”

Pop Evil lead singer, Leigh Kakaty, dedicated the performance of their song, “100 in a 55,” to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings, which prompted a huge cheering reaction from the crowd.

In December of 2012, original lead singer Adam Gontier, suddenly resigned from Three Days Grace, so bassist Brad Walst’s brother, the lead singer from Rock Band My Darkest Days, Matt Walst, took over for the evening’s show.

Matt Walst is only a temporary replacement for the band’s missing singer, and has been received by fans to mixed reviews, made obvious by the crowds mixed reactions to the bands appearance.
While some cheered wildly after the first song, there was a substantial enough amount of people who booed.

A few shoving matches broke out between riled up fans, but The Sherman Theater security team was strong, and immediately ejected those who were interrupting the good times of other fans.

Three Days Grace hit the rock scene in 2003 with their self-entitled debut album that included the massive hit “I Hate Everything About You.”

As of Friday night’s show at the Sherman Theater, the band is reaching the final leg of its tour for the 2012 album, Transit of Venus, which ends May 7, 2013, in Corpus Christie, Texas.


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