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As of April 15, the top five free applications on the iPhone include, Vine, Candy Crush Saga, Injustice: Gods Among us, Sonic Dash, and PianoPass.

Most students cannot afford paying for their mobile applications. Instead, they try and search for free versions of games or tools.

“The only application I have ever bought on my iPhone was an app called ‘Plague Inc.’ only because it was a dollar at the time, but I usually download the top five free apps all the time,” said ESU Junior, Christina Custred.

One game, Vine, is similar to Instagram. It allows its users to create a profile, post, and use hash tags. The only difference is that Vine uses short lopping videos clips instead of photos.

“I used to be obsessed with Instagram, but now I’m always making funny videos on Vine,” said Custred.

Vine’s newest feature allows users to share their videos on Facebook and Twitter. Making short video clips can offer more creative options than Instagram.

Another popular iPhone application is the Candy Crush Saga.

“When I’m sitting down somewhere on campus, I always find someone playing Candy Crush,” said Senior, Gabriella LoBianco.

The player has to match three like candies together in a vertical or horizontal line to score points.

With over one hundred levels, the game is a great way to pass the time between classes.

Injustice: Gods Among us is a card game where users create a roster of DC comic heroes, such as Batman, Green Arrow and Superman. With their cards, users can battle enemies in three-on-three combat.

Battle cards are able to level up and become more powerful. Also, the game has very advanced graphics for gameplay. The game has become a success with strategy gamers.

Sega introduces Sonic the Hedgehog as the main character in the game Sonic Dash. As Sonic or other sub-characters, the player runs through a 3D game world.

The player must jump, dash and spin through obstacles, while collecting yellow rings through the level. With the rings, players can purchase power ups to help them complete levels and gain higher scores.

Power ups include a magnet to help collect more yellow rings, a dash boost to help the dash feature last longer, and a head start to give you a head start in races.

Players have been slicing fruit in Fruit Ninja since 2011. Though, the makers have recently updated the game with a few changes, making the app even more popular. The game now has new blades, new backgrounds, and new challenges.

The player must slice fruit with their fingers and accomplish combination slices for higher scores.

Throughout the game, numerous fans have become angry at the new advertisements popping up during game play.

“I’ve had this game for two years now and there never used to be ads,” Said LoBianco.

Many free applications are including advertisements. We pay a price for free downloads.

Since the iPhone has been providing applications, the App Store is a popular way to find free tools, information, and games. For more information on iPhone applications visit


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