ESU No. 1 in Academics, Not Partying


“We should be number one in academics, not partying,” said Angel Rodriguez, a sophomore majoring in art at East Stroudsburg University (ESU).

Rodriguez is an active member of the Latin American Association (LAA), the Latin Dance Team, and the Art Association. He also works in the on campus catering department for Aramark.

He is currently an associate of the national fraternity called Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated (LSU).

“All my friends know that parties are not my scene and I do not enjoy them very much,” said Rodriguez.

When he heard people talking about ESU being ranked number one in the top ten underrated party schools, he felt disappointed.

“It’s not fair to label the entire school when there are some students, like myself, who only party maybe twice a semester.”
Rodriguez is currently enrolled in five classes, two for his major and three general educations courses.

On Sunday nights, he makes sure to go to bed early to get at least a full eight hours of sleep. On Mondays, he wakes up at 8 AM to get ready for his Drawing II class at 9, which is two and a half hours long. He grabs lunch with all his friends at 11:30 and hangs out for at least an hour until his next class, Intro to Sociology, at 1 PM. After his sociology class he goes to the gym and works out for about two hours.

“By 4, I am already feeling pretty tired but I know I have to push myself because my day is not even half over by then,” said Rodriguez.

After the gym, Rodriguez takes a shower and relaxes in his room watching TV until his next class, Intro to Psychology, at 5:30 PM.

He grabs dinner at 6:45 with all his friends.

“After dinner, I hit the books hard, study hard, so I can work hard during the weekend,” said Rodriguez.

Every Tuesday at 2 PM, he is dedicated to attending LAA weekly meetings. As an active member, he has participated in many events including the Stony Acres retreat, the Latin American Festival, the Diversity Ball and Club Fair.

Tuesday nights is when he has dance practice with the Latin Dance Team.

Every Thursday at 2 PM, he attends the weekly meetings of the Art Association.

He has participated in their events as well as, the Henna Tattoo event, art activities with high school students, and chalking events where the club made a chalk mural of the Earth for Earth Day in front of the Keystone Room.

He ran for President of the Art Association, but did not get elected for the position.

“That will just motivate me to be more active with the club and let the members know that I am very dedicated to this club,” said Rodriguez. “Hopefully, next year I can run again and get elected.”

He also attends weekly meetings with the other associates of LSU. They plan community service events as well as fundraise. They have done bake sales and collaborated with the local hookah bar, Glare, to fundraise.

On weekends, Rodriguez works for Aramark Catering service on campus. He works Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Working for catering is what he means when he says, “work hard during the weekend.” He works 24 hours during the weekend so he can save money for things he needs, like cologne, lotion, shampoo, etc.

He likes to buy snacks for his room and take his girlfriend out to dinner on Saturday nights.

“I love my life the way it is, even though to others it may seem boring. I am content,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez believes some students choose the university they think has the best parties. He came to ESU because they have a great art program.

“Art is my passion and I love to get involved in student activities to show that off and also to contribute my art to that organization,” said Rodriguez.

Besides art, Rodriguez also loves to dance. He dances for the Latin Dance Team, but Latin dance is not the only dance he knows.

When ESU was ranked the number one underrated party school, there was both excitement and disappointment. Rodriguez was one of the students who was disappointed.

His biggest concern is when he applies for jobs in the future.

If they look at the college he attended and judge his work just because he attended the top ranked underrated party school. His other concern was whether parents were going to allow their children to enroll at ESU with its new reputation.

“We should be a school that is recognized for something positive like student campus involvement,” said Rodriguez.

“I know a lot of students that are involved in so many organizations. We should be ranked the top underrated in student involvement. That is something we should strive for.”

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