ESU: The Perfect Mix

ESU’s Mattioli Recreation Center
Photo Credit / Jamie Reese
ESU’s Mattioli Recreation Center Photo Credit /  Jamie Reese
ESU’s Mattioli Recreation Center
Photo Credit / Jamie Reese


“The Mattioli Recreation Center offers many activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle,” said Maddie Herman, an East Stroudsburg University student who works at the Mattioli Recreation Center.

“Many students do party often, but that’s because it’s a college. I think every ESU student should be viewed as an individual—ESU students can’t be considered completely party or academia focused.”

The ESU Recreation Centers attracts all types of students, many of whom maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit by visiting the recreation center daily and by participating in the available activities there.

It is well known that alcohol is detrimental to muscle growth. Alcohol disrupts natural sleep rhythms, thus suppressing the release of Growth Hormone.

Alcohol consumption also lowers testosterone because of toxic substances released in the liver. Nonetheless, many students who visit the recreational center continue to attend the parties that have been affecting ESU’s reputation.

“Yes, I party. Sometimes hard, sometimes mild, but partying is a must,” said Aneil Kumar, an ESU senior who visits the recreation center often. “One can’t work without play.”

Some students at ESU have repeatedly mentioned the idea of “work hard, play hard,” which confirms that students are partying more often than not, but it also means those same students may be giving as much attention to academic time as they are to party time.

The recreation center offers a wide range of activities such as weightlifting, group fitness exercises, arena football, wiffle ball, handball and more.

“Warrior Nights,” a late night programming initiative at the recreation center, provides students with unique programs in a setting designed to be fun and social.

When students walks through the Mattioli Recreation Center, their ravings for the latest party they attended can be heard, yet a moment later the discussion can turn towards research projects, professors, and career goals.

“I would say that ESU students care as much about fitness as they do about partying,” said ESU senior Verones Padilla.  “I work out to stay healthy but love a good drink on the weekend.”

The recreation center is also close to Kemp Library, which is even linked to on the recreation center section of ESU’s website. This combination, especially considering that both are open late hours, offers a unique advantage to students looking to enjoy their free time as well as excel in academic work.

Pamphlets covering a multitude of activities are available at the front desk of the two fitness centers ESU offers, and the suggested activities are often times located all across campus.

The “quad” area on campus is one of the areas where the recreation center holds their activities. This gives students the opportunity to meet and socialize with other students that do not normally attend the recreation center.

ESU students are participating in activities that promote health and fitness, an active social life, and academic success. These students share their interests by posting on the many bulletin boards located on campus, further promoting an ESU lifestyle that benefits all students.

When asked about ESU students’ focus on either partying or academia, Maddie Herman said, “I like to spend a lot of time during the week at the recreation center and on the weekend, I relax. I usually never party, that’s why ESU students can’t all be included in either one group or the other.”

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