ESU: Not Just A Party School




If a stranger were to walk through the halls of East Stroudsburg University, he would not guess that it was considered a party school.

However, Barstool U, a group that promotes DJs and dance parties for college students, recently rated ESU as the most underrated party school in America.  Shortly after Barstool U’s list was posted on their blog, ESU’s own, Valentina Caval’s article appeared on the front page of “The Pocono Record.”

While it did not directly attack Barstool for including ESU on the list, the various comments in the article expressed a negative view on the subject.  It did not take long for Barstool U to respond with their own message that insulted the students in the article, as well as the administrators.

From a business point of view, it was obvious that ESU’s administrators would disagree with the title and the negative impact that it would bring.  Along those same lines, it was a predictable move on Barstool’s part to lash out against the article and the administration.  They are known for throwing wild parties, and anything less than an insulting response would seem out of place to their fans.

With ESU’s title of “party school,” it would be easy to assume that a walk around campus might show all kinds of evidence of partying to the casual onlooker.  Some would hear the title and dismiss the school as one that does not take its studies seriously.  This is not the case.

Listening to students as they go through their day, many of them share the same topics between each other: tests and papers.  Understandable, since finals for the semester are coming up.  But this should be seen as a sign for any onlookers.  While ESU may be portrayed as a party school, these students are concerned with more than just partying.

“I have 30 pages worth of papers due now, since one of my teachers added another paper last week.”  One student said.  “I barely had enough time before, but now?  I don’t even know what I’ll do.”

Does this mean there are no parties at ESU?  No.  Some students at ESU plan their actions on whether or not there is a party planned in the near future.

One student described the past fall semester as one long party for them, as they went from one weekend to the next.

And then there is Barstool Blackout, an event that is hosted by Barstool U, which was packed with college students looking to party.  As Barstool U pointed out in their blog, “We didn’t hold everyone at gunpoint and make them come to our Blackouts bro.  We put a ticket link up, rolled onto campus and the venue was packed to the walls.  Every single time.”

So what does this mean to ESU?  Nothing.

While it may not be an appealing title to advertise to those looking for a serious education, it does not apply to the students as a whole.

This reporter would imagine that it is similar to what Penn State deals with.  Penn State has a reputation for being a party school by many people.  Yet students go to Penn State seeking higher education, not looking for thrills at parties.  Similarly, many students go to ESU expecting an education.

Maybe this is the reason why the overall reactions toward the title have been neutral.  When asked on the subject, multiple students did not know ESU was considered a party school.  Even fewer students seemed to care.

“I don’t see us as a party school.”  One student said.  “Some people just want to party, and that’s cool.  But that doesn’t mean we all act that way.”


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