Advice for Freshmen

SC Staff Writer

All Freshman students beginning their first year at East Stroudsburg University (ESU) should have some grasp on what is expected of them at the start of their academic journey.

These three key essentials will serve as a guide for all students, including freshman­—getting a head start, staying on top of assignments, participating actively on campus, and getting involved! These basic concepts will help to make a difference to your stress levels as you begin your semester.

Most important, getting a head start is a very easy task to complete and will be extremely beneficial once classes begin.

Do not wait until the last minute to buy your textbooks. Most professors encourage having your textbook(s) for the first day of class so it is easier to stay on top of all assignments in accordance with your syllabus.

Also, parking permits are available a week or two prior to classes starting. Technically, you are able to park on campus the first week of school without a parking pass. However, if you want to be one of the few who prepare themselves prior to school starting, you may be able to avoid heinously long lines at Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall once the stress of classes have started.

Staying on top of all assignments will be a reward once mid-terms and finals come around. Although it may be very difficult at times, it is extremely important to complete all assignments as they are given.

Once the professor and class continue moving forward, it is essential to know what is going on. Stay up to date with the assignments and information.

The best way to get through any course is to talk to your professors. The first day of class when professors hand out their syllabi and discuss their office hours and email, utilize that information. The majority of time, professors will be eager to help and happy their students are engaged in their studies.

Don’t be shy—Get involved! There are endless opportunities for you to take part in what goes on around ESU’s campus. From sports events to poetry readings, there is always a chance to get involved.

Talking to your professors and fellow peers will give you knowledge of what may be going on around campus so you can make memories through your experience at ESU. It never hurts to have a few extracurriculars to include on your resume!

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