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East Stroudsburg University has caught up with the rest of the technologically savvy world with their debut of the new East Stroudsburg University Mobile App for iPhone and Android. If you are anything like me, you have been wondering for a while when this would happen. Well it is finally here. Now the question is: How do we like this new app?

As a whole, I believe that this app is very useful. It gives you the option to obtain information about many things you would normally need to have a computer to have access to.

The homepage of the app gives you four different tabs to choose from: Events, Featured, Sports, and Trending. If those don’t meet your needs, there is a menu on the upper left side of the app where you find out everything from your schedule to your advisors email or even have access to your D2L account!

For students living in the University Ridge this app will be extremely useful because it also gives the Shuttle’s arrival times, routes, and you can even sign up for alerts to let you know when the shuttle is coming!

First things first, how useful is the homepage? Well let’s check out the first four tabs.

The first one is Events, which shows you a list of on campus events going on in order of the date and time they are being held.

Being a commuter, I am not always able to see or be involved in the many events our school has to offer so this is a very big plus in my opinion.

The next tab is the Feature tab, which shows a list of events or individuals ESU thinks will interest the faculty or students body. I believe that this tab along with the app in general will be a beneficial advertising tool for many different clubs and events happening on campus.

The next tab featured on the home page is the Sports tab, which for you sports lovers out there, will be an easy way to keep up with the many different sports on campus.

It basically gives an up to date overview of what’s happening on each team.

The last tab is the Trending tab, which has tweets from students and faculty talking about various activities and events on campus. If you are using this app, there is no way you should miss events!

The most useful part of this app in my opinion is the menu bar on the upper left side of the app.

It has a list of different things you can do. Among the most helpful to me where the faculty phone directory and email directory, the link to D2L, a link to load money onto your ecard, a link to MyESU Portal, and a student email link. If you are anything like me, 4 out of 5 of your classes expect you to have access to D2L. I would sometimes find myself stuck if I was out and needed access to my syllabus or the day’s assignment needed to be submitted but I was nowhere near a computer. This makes it easy to have a life and still be a diligent student! During the first week of school my mind was so cluttered I couldn’t remember what room I had each class in but the ESU app let me go onto MyESU Portal and access my schedule and class information. For incoming freshman, this app will be especially useful because it has a campus map. Any upperclassmen, like me, can tell you we also got lost at least once. But unlike you, we didn’t have a campus map at our fingertips so take advantage!

This new app ESU has offered to students is very helpful and various ways. It helps student has access to their account and important class and financial information in the palm of their hand, helps students at the University Ridge catch the shuttle on time, has excellent advertising for groups and sports teams on campus, has an on campus map so you can find everything at all times, and helps students have access to their professors at any time.

I am very pleased with this new app ESU has installed and I hope to see more improvements at ESU like this in the future!

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