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In South Philadelphia, born and raised, in the studio is where this 22-year-old ESU senior spent most of her days. Mia Waring, also known as “Lyrical Genius,” has been rapping since she was a child.  Anyone who has heard her music will agree she has a gift.

Upon entering college, LG was a notable player on the women’s basketball team. After her sophomore year, she ventured onto a different path. Instead of pursuing a basketball career, she dove even deeper into the music scene.

The technology-savvy media communications major has used her skills to create and produce some of her own music. She has produced many songs in her dorm room on her laptop, but is no stranger to the recording studio, either.

She has released a handful of singles, and two mix tapes, her newest entitled, “Unexcused Absence,” was released this summer. She plans to release an album in the future.

“My life inspires my music, said LG. “My struggles create my best work.”

Since her freshman year, LG has been hustling the streets of ESU  promoting her music and selling hundreds of copies of her mix tape to students. It is not uncommon to find her surrounded by a crowd of people all in awe of her freestyle rap verses.

“She draws attention,” said ESU senior Aaron Machado. “There’s no doubt this girl has talent– enough talent to make it big time.”

Throughout her college career, LG has had the opportunity to open-up for “big name” stars including rappers Twista, Ghostface, D-Block, Saigon, Maino, ASAP Rocky, and  Mobb Deep.

When she’s not on the big stage, LG is always performing local shows in the tri-state area with her crew, Team Genius.  They can be counted on to get the crowd hyped up. LG and Team Genius will be performing a full-length concert at Dansbury Commons Late Night on December 3rd free to ESU students.

Although LG has dreams of selling records and packing out arenas, graduating college has always been her most sought after goal.

LG may be “Philly’s best kept secret,” but she is no secret anymore at ESU. She has created quite a buzz.

There is no predicting how far LG will go in her rap career, but by the looks of it, Lyrical Genius is a name to remember.

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