Greek Life’s First Week Activities

Left to right: Nicolette LaBoy, Kate Valenti, Kristen Piazza. Photo Courtesy / Kevin Skiltor
Left to right: Nicolette LaBoy, Kate Valenti, Kristen Piazza.
Photo Courtesy / Kevin Skilton

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On August 23, Greeks stood with the student volunteers to welcome the freshman.

The student volunteers, athletic organizations, and Greek chapters donated hours of their time moving in returning students and new students in the dorms.

Mathew Citron, Vice-President of Kappa Delta Rho, helped students move in to Shawnee hall and stated he was excited to see such a “great turn out with Greeks giving back to the campus; this is why we are here. We are proud to be apart of ESU!”

Later that night, freshman and transfer students poured out of Koehler field house to find Campus Activity Board, WESS radio, Greek Affairs, and other organizations hosting a welcome to campus community event behind Linden Hall.

“The event was a great opportunity to meet new students on campus by just relaxing and playing games,” underclassmen and member of Theta Chi fraternity, Eric Lawes continued, “it gives Greeks a chance to get out there as well as show how important Greek life can be to the university.”

The event lasted into the night as people showed off their can-jam skills and made new friends going into the school year.

After a few days passed and people became acquainted with the campus, Greek Affairs hosted their own “Greek Barbeque” for all students walking through the quad, Thursday, August 29.

With hotdogs, chips, and games, Greeks invited students to lunch and a game of ladder golf. Rob Rinehart, a member of Delta Chi fraternity explained, “the goal wasn’t to recruit or inform students of Greeks on campus, but just a great opportunity to meet new people and reach out to the student body.”

The event lasted from 2-4 PM and had over 100 Greeks and students stop by.

Greek Life hosted “Greek Village” Tuesday, September 3, in the courtyard of the Union. Tables of Greek organizations lined the walkway along the union as they provided information and answers to curious students on their way to class.

This event provided an opportunity for students to walk up to individual chapters and gain information on each organization.

Brendan Younkin, a member of Theta Chi and President of the Inter-Fraternity Council, stated, “these events were great opportunities for Greek Life to show campus who we really are behind our letters.”

Victoria Malcervelli exclaimed, “it’s important to get the real message of Greek Life out; we are involved, philanthropic leaders who want to give back to ESU and the community!”

Within the first two weeks of school, Greek Affairs has held four events.

With four events already in the first two weeks of school, Greek Affairs sends a clear message of their goals and aspirations for this year.

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