No Tutoring in the Tutoring Center?

Tutoring Center in Rosenkrans Hall. Photo Credit / Kelly Dildine
Tutoring Center in Rosenkrans Hall.
Photo Credit / Kelly Dildine

SC Staff Writer

The Tutoring Center in Rosenkrans Hall has always been a busy place for students and the tutors who work there, but there has been a slow start this year.

Dr. Jack Truschel, who has taken over the Tutoring Center, has yet to get students matched with their tutors.

Beginning the third week into school, one would think the Undeclared Academic Advisor, Truschel, would know some students already need help in their classes.

Tutors and students are outraged by the changes and lack of response by the well-known tutoring program.

Not only is Truschel taking his time, but there have been numerous changes made that have enraged both tutors and students.

Though tutoring is included in tuition, there is now a new rule in affect that does not allow 300 and 400 level classes to be tutored.

Anyone in classes like Genetics, Seminar, Thermal Physics, are unable to receive tutoring now.

No matter the disability or trouble in the class, Truschel is turning people down.

“I have had the same tutor for three years now, I don’t understand why someone would turn down tutoring in 300 classes,” says a student who wishes to remain anonymous.

“I need help in differential equations, and I know my tutor could help me.”

Tutors are full of exasperation as well.

New rules only permit them to apply to tutor thirteen courses at the 100 and 200 level.

Not only are they losing their old tutees, they are losing classes they love to help students in.

“If we all stand our ground and fight back, I know we can get the Center back to the way it was,” says a tutor who also wishes to remain anonymous.

Many tutors and students have agreed with the tutors statement, and plan to defend the Center they have grown to know so well.

The loud and engaging Center is now silent when you enter its doors.

Many students have already began expressing their annoyance with tutors they know and also the director himself.

Let’s get the tutoring center we pay for back up and running the way students like it, not the way Dr. Treschel feels he can help keep Freshman and Sophomores from transferring.

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