See Katy ROAR: Katy Perry Releases New Music Video

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Pop music songstress Katy Perry has come out with the “Roar” music video, which debuted on September 5, 2013.  The song, which hit number 1 and knocked Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” out of the top spot, features lyrics about being pushed down and coming up stronger than ever.

The music video starts off with a “Lost” inspired plane crash on a deserted island where Katy and another survivor face off against a vicious tiger that ends up devouring the other survivor within minutes.  Katy then proceeds to learn the ways of the jungle, build a shelter, and befriend the wild-life, all while wearing a sexy, Tarzan-like outfit.  In the end of the video, Katy squares off with the vicious tiger from the beginning of the video in a “roar-off.”  She, of course, defeats her opponent and makes the striped feline one of her jungle buddies.

The song itself is a cute pop song with an inspirational message, typical of Katy’s style.  The video is in the style of a comic book, featuring a bright and beautiful jungle landscape and exotic animals such as a tiger, an alligator, and a tarantula.  The artist turns her sour situation around using any material she can find.  This includes using her heels to make a spear and using an elephant’s trunk to take a shower.  Katy herself has left her crazy icing bra antics behind, looking simple and fresh.

Some particularly enchanting scenes include a splendid array of fireflies painting pictures around her and a cave scene where the motivational drawings of a tiger being attacked by villagers and rose up to fight after being beaten down.  After seeing Perry’s innovative boxing match on the VMA’s, fans wondered how she would top that, and this video does just that.  The video is visually stunning with an upbeat number one song to match.  Two thumbs up does not even come close to rating this video, but it will have to do.

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