Senate Hosts Annual Club Fair

Club Fair was held on ESU Campus Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Photo Credit / Victoria Krukenkamp
Club Fair was held on ESU Campus Tuesday, September 10, 2013.
Photo Credit / Victoria Krukenkamp

SC Copy Editor

East Stroudsburg University’s annual club fair was held on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 from 11AM to 2PM outside of the Student Union.

The fair was host to 64 tables for various student clubs and organizations, filling every table available. This is an increase from last year’s fair which hosted approximately 50 tables.

Justin K. Amann, the Student Senate President, said that the club fair is, “A great opportunity for students to learn about the Senate and how it works.”

Thanks in part to the executive board, the student Senate, and Dan Hagan, the chair of extra curricular affairs, the fair was a big success.

“The club fair was a hit. There were a lot more students there this year than previous times I visited the fair,” said ESU junior George Jacome. “The clubs were really putting themselves out there and engaging the students.”

This year, the student Senate  tried a new way to draw students to the fair: a money machine.

The money machine was a carnival-like novelty in which students stood inside a closed booth while air blew around them, carrying slips of paper. If a slip of paper was caught, the student won a prize.

Prizes ranged from an ESU water bottle to a Wawa gift card. But in carnival fashion, some slips of paper were blank, rewarding the student with only a fun time.

When asked about the future of the club fair and what he would like to see happen, Amann talked about a few ideas to draw in more students. There was mention of the possibility for contests and more variety.

Amann also talked about growth.

“Our goal is always to continue to grow, both in numbers and publicity.”

Amann was also asked about whether or not they have reached their goals for this year’s fair.

“We never really reach where we want to be because we always want to continue to grow.”

After the fair, like all other student events, the Senate will host a debriefing to discuss the success of the fair and start planning new ideas for future fairs.

There were a lot of familiar faces at the fair this year. Fair regulars include groups like AASA, Active Minds, Best Buddies, CAB, Enactus, the Feminist Alliance, and Autism Speaks.

Greek life, including fraternities and sororities, are no strangers to the club fair.

This year’s fair included tables for Kappa Delta Rho, Lambda Iota, Phi Sigma Pi, and Phi Sigma Kappa.

Contemporary Dancers, the equestrian team, men’s rugby, men’s Volleyball, and women’s volleyball represented some of ESU’s many athletic groups.

Tables for the art association, anime club, Calliope, and theater production also attended, representing the creative side of ESU clubs.

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