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The East Stroudsburg University Student Senate elections are being held from Monday, September 16, 2013 until Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

Students can visit tables set up by members of the student Senate. Tables will be located outside at the Quad,  Dansbury Commons, and the student union. These tables will be set up from 11 AM to 2 PM all three days.

When students visit the tables, they will be given information about all the candidates running for each seat on the Senate. There will also be information given out about how to cast your votes.

Be sure to keep an eye on your ESU student email account for more information about voting. Emails will include the link that will send students to the appropriate site to cast votes for each seat.

There are 8 seats reserved especially for freshman students; all other chairs are up for grabs by sophomore, junior, and senior students. If less than 8 freshman students choose to run for a spot in the Senate, the remaining chairs will become available for students in higher classes.

Unlike a national election where votes are counted in an electoral collage, the candidate with the most votes will win. So, all votes count.

When asked about elections, Justin K. Amann, the student Senate president, spoke about the Senate’s goals of reaching out to more students than they have in previous elections. Amann and the Senate set large goals for themselves, which they feel they will be more than able to reach.

“We have challenged ourselves this year to double the number of votes from last year.” He says, “Last year we had about 600 votes. This year we want at least 1000.”

The student Senate represents the entire student body at ESU. The Senate members are making decisions that affect each and every student in attendance. The Senate members are chosen by students to represent students.

When asked why it is important for all students to cast their votes, Dan Hagan, the chair of etxra curricular affairs, says, “We are the governing student body. We are the voice of the students.”

Let your voice be heard.

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