Troubles With Enrollment Services

East Stroudsburg University's Enrollment Services. Photo Credit / Kelly Dildine
East Stroudsburg University’s Enrollment Services.
Photo Credit / Kelly Dildine

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As many students of East Stroudsburg University know going to the Enrollment Service Center in Zimbar, especially during this time of year, can be a bit frustrating.

In previous years, students would wait as long as an hour just to pay their bill, or speak to someone about transferring credits or just issues with their student account.

In response to student’s frustration, ESU installed a Nemo Q Ticketing System at the Enrollment Service Center on Tuesday, July 23rd.

The system was installed to help improve the experience students have while receiving services.  Instead of making students wait in line to speak to someone, they are able to take a ticket at the machine that will lead them to the person that can help them with their request.

Students are also able to text in to get an appointment time and have access to the appointment status at all times on the digitals screens throughout campus.

This feature was designed to allow students to be able to continue their daily activities while they wait to speak to a representative instead of being forced to stand and wait in line all day.

Although the system was installed to provide better service to the students, many think it hasn’t really changed much.

Summer Smith explained how she thought that even though they attempted to fix the problems, the Enrollment Service Center still hasn’t improved.

Summer Smith, a junior at ESU, described her thoughts on the new system saying, “It’s like they put a very expensive band aid on a broken arm.”

Most students feel the wait times are still just as long as they always were, and the only sufficient difference is that you get to sit while you wait.  Even with this large change to the Enrollment Service Center, ESU is still a long way to improving it to meet students satisfaction.

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