ESU, There is More to do Than Party

A&E Editor

Contrary to popular belief, college is not just for partying. College is where futures are formed, foundations are laid, knowledge is learned, and degrees are earned (for the most part).

It is no secret that ESU has an active drug and alcohol culture on its campus. Being named #1 Underrated Party School by the Barstool Sports website last April has only made the problem more evident.

Most recently, eight were hospitalized at the latest Barstool Blackout event taking place on September 13, 2013.

ESU: I read you loud and clear– we have a drug and alcohol problem!

Yes, partying is fun, and yes, college should be fun. However, mixing drugs and alcohol can lead to serious health implications and sometimes even death.  No one ever thinks it could happen to them, until one day, it may be too late.

ESU students  are fortunate to attend school in the beautiful Poconos. This area abounds with places to go and things to do.

I have compiled a customized list of activities to do at ESU and the surrounding area in hopes that one will choose to partake in an activity other than partying.

Be Active

ESU offers students two recreation centers. The Mattioli Recreation Center is open late and is the perfect place to have fun with friends or by yourself. Offering everything from intermural sports, fitness classes, ping-pong, and Dance, Dance Revolution, the recreation center has something for everyone.

Go to the Movies

The Pocono Community Theater is within walking distance of ESU—and it is also cost friendly. They offer movie screenings and live theatrical performances. If you are in the mood to see a box-office hit, the Cinemark is located in the Stroud Mall, just miles from campus. No way to get there? The Pocono Pony will take you around town and back for a very small fee. That is an adventure in itself.

Go Hiking

Fresh air, beautiful views, and calories burned all are benefits of going on a hike. The Poconos offers many places to hike, two of the more popular being the Delaware Water Gap and Bushkill Falls.

These two places are perfect for those who seek adventure and like being active.

Ski or Snowboard

From December to March you can shred the slopes  at Camelback Ski Resort and Shawnee Mountain, both are conveniently located adjacent to campus. Buying a season pass is a good invest for a whole winter’s worth of excitement.

People Watch

Arguably a real hobby, people watching is a great way to pass time and relax. Take a seat in the middle of the Stroud Mall, somewhere on Main Street, or right in the middle of campus. The characters here are one of a kind. You might even spot Scooter Lady.

Spend the Night In

Grab some friends and have a good old fashioned slumber party! If you are a guy and do not want to have a slumber party, have a video game tournament with your pals. You might even think about catching up on some homework. Spending the night in can be a smart choice.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to do. Swing by Late Nite and check out the entertainment, go to a concert at the Sherman Theater, go roller skating at the Big Wheel or bowling at Sky Lanes, maybe even spend a weekend camping at Otter Lake. This is the Poconos—people come here to vacation! The options are endless.

Remember, the goal of college is to make it through four years, not just make it through one semester. Yes, you should have fun, but most importantly, you need to make it out alive. Make wise decisions, make memories, and make the best of it.  Drugs and alcohol are not always needed to have a good time.

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