Meet the Greeks

Left to Right: Alivia Weidler, Lauren Hurlburt, and Brittany Wilcha of Greek Life. Photo Credit / Kevin Skilton
Left to Right: Alivia Weidler, Lauren Hurlburt, and Brittany Wilcha of Greek Life. Photo Credit / Kevin Skilton
Left to Right: Alivia Weidler, Lauren Hurlburt, and Brittany Wilcha of Greek Life.
Photo Credit / Kevin Skilton

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On September 17, 2013, Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority hosted East Stroudsburg University’s Second Annual “Meet the Greeks” this past Sunday on the quad to promote a number of minority Greek letter organizations.

Tables adorned with brightly colored Greek letters, photo albums and “para,” homemade keepsakes, surrounded the quad providing each organization present a platform to bring exposure to their respective histories and philosophies.

“This is an opportunity for those who don’t know us to get to know who we are” says Quadir Moore, a sophomore, Hotel & Restaurant Management major, and brother of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Adelis Vega, a junior, Communications major, and sister of Chi Upsilon Sigma hopes this year’s Meet the Greeks will help bring exposure to ESU’s minority organizations. “This is about self-expression. We get to show people what we stand for.”

ESU’s Pan-Hellenic and Inter-Fraternity Council also had a table. These groups represent all the fraternities and sororities on campus. These groups, traditionally known as “mainstream organizations,” hoped to show students not already involved in Greek life that there is more things that unite Greeks than divide them.

“I feel like we all are committed and proud of our organizations. We dedicate ourselves to philanthropy and community services. We all work with each other and have a great time” says Megan Ince, a senior, Early Childhood Education major, and sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma.

The event was not limited to organizations already on campus. Among the organizations present were a few hoping to gain traction and admission into ESU’s greek life.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity is the nation’s first Black, Greek Letter Organization. “Meet the Greeks gives us the opportunity to get the word out. We have a chapter at Lehigh University which is only a half hour away,” says Frederick Okoye, brother of Alpha Phi Alpha and Lehigh University Alumni.

“We are the oldest and coldest, if someone was to show initiative we could bring Alpha Phi Alpha to ESU,” says Okoye.

Lambda Sigma Upsilon is an example of that effort.  LSU has been approved for intake at ESU and received recognition from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs and Greek Council.  “We are very excited about bringing LSU to East Stroudsburg University,” says Jonathan Rivera Navaro, LSU’s Expansion Officer and Penn State Alumni.

In addition to the tables each organization also was given a few minutes to talk to the crowd and perform a step or stroll.

Strolling is a style of dancing, where members of a particular Greek organization line up, one in front of the other, and move forward in coordinated movements.  While stepping the members will perform a dance, also synchronized, without music.  Instead the groups clap, stomp with their feet and jump to create their own beats and rhythms.

The event brought out Greeks from all over, some traveling from as far away as Millersville University in Millersville, PA, which is a little over two and half hours away from ESU.

“Personally, I aim to do as much as I can to further our movement.  ESU is right next to the PA-Jersey border, which makes it easier for our NJ bros to come out and support events along with our PA brothers,” says Marco Zelaya, a brother of Lambda Sigma Upsilon and The College of New Jersey Alumni.

Amanda McAlister, a junior, History and Education major, and sister of Mu Sigma Upsilon calls the event a success.  She sees “Meet the Greeks” as a chance to promote her organization. “MSU has helped build my confidence, my personal and professional relationships.  I’ve learned networking and business skills that have definitely helped my academic career,” says McAlister.

The event’s music and equipment was provided by ESU’s radio station.  Brandon Borgella, also known as DJ BBoy Brandon, says the event had a great turn out.  “Everything was set and ready to go, and we’ll be out here till 7 PM if they [the students] want.”

Whether the event will help promote Greek life on campus remains to be seen, but the students came together on Sunday, gathered around after each organization performed to take pictures to commemorate the event and perhaps add a new picture to their albums.

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