Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” Creates Confusion

SC Contributing Writer

Newly single woman, Miley Cyrus, debuts her new song and music video, “Wrecking Ball,” showing a softer and more independent side of the pop-star diva.

The video depicts Miley in her birthday suit for most of the video, and in a bra and underwear set for the other part.

The concept of the video is that a wrecking ball destroys a wall, which represents how Liam Hemsworth destroyed Miley when he broke off their relationship.

Her nakedness tells the audience that he has left her emotionally bare, and so she bares it all.

The hammer, which she uses as a lollipop, represents how someone she held so close to her caused her so much pain.

Her lying in the remains of this destroyed building represents how she is stuck with this mess after he has left her.

So the question is—is this a meaningful representation of how she feels or is it just another one of Cyrus’s ploys to get attention?

Is Miley really devastated about Liam’s rejection or is she just using it to sell records, taking a page from a certain blonde serial dater and fellow artist?

The song, which has reached number one status on the charts, surely cannot really keep the star down even after a break-up.

So is this just a plot for the limelight or a personal journey?

ESU Senior Jonelle Mills said, “The video creeps me out, but I love the song.  It’s an upgrade from ‘We Can’t Stop.’”

The video has received a lot  of criticism, especially in Grand Valley State University located in Allendale Michigan.  After eighteen years of housing a wrecking ball sculpture, the university had to take it down and put it into storage in lieu of students parodying the musician’s video.

Other parodies include multiple videos on the Vine App of celebrity heads replacing Miley’s as she rides the wrecking ball. These celebrities include Conan, Tom Brady, and more.

Another interesting video  on the Vine App consists of a kitten replacing the wrecking ball as it drops books in its wake.

Whether you love, hate, or just do not understand the video, it still claims the number one spot on the Billboard charts.

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