Please Don’t Stop the Music

SC Contributing Writer

Music influences a person’s life every day. Whether they are studying and listening to music, or studying the fine details of music theory, everyone comes into contact with music. Being involved with music has been known to improve an overall IQ and brain function, help with dexterity, and improve attention span overall, proven by Stanford University studies.

If music is such an influence on everyday life, then why is it being considered in the Retrenchment issue here on campus? That question cannot be directly answered. Due to budget concerns, professors do know that it may be because the department does not bring in a sufficient amount of money. Though this program is widely known around the ESU campus and loved by many professors, it is in great danger of being retrenched.

Over 150 students have committed their time here at ESU to do what they love: play music. The president herself has been a big part of the musical world, and she is not to blame for the issue that lies on the table. The more than 150 students and the professors at the music department are saddened by the idea of losing their ecstasy here at ESU. The Director of Bands, Dr. Otis French, stated he feels sad because it seems that the efforts of the faculty seem to not affect the decision.

When asking students the same question on how they feel about this retrenchment dilemma, many responded with “angry” and “upset,” but one student, Shannon Buckley, really captured the emotion with the word “devastated”. Seeing how hard these students work to perfect their hobby, and how engaged the professors are in their work, shows that the music program will fight to thrive here at ESU.

Knowing that music is a part of the retrenchment controversy on our campus is making these music students want to stand their ground. Support is appreciated at football games and through your student voice. Music affects individuals on a level that can help improve their everyday life. Help the music students and professors keep their passion here at ESU.

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