Student Senate Committees

SC Contributing Writer

The Student Senate meets every Thursday at 2 PM in the Senate Chambers located on the second floor of the Student Union.

Student Senate is comprised of 7 committees. Each committee has their own chair, leader, and mission statement to assist the student body.

The committees are as follows—Public Relations, Academic Affairs, Finance, Extra Curricular, Special Events, and the recently added Enrollment Management committee.

Public relations is chaired by Leah Majdic, a sophomore. They worked on elections and Warrior Link, a website that is meant to bring all extra curriculars, clubs, and organizations onto one website. It is encouraged that these groups use this website for announcements and current events.

Drew Johnson, a sophomore, chairs academic Affairs. It is related to any and all things accademic and works closely with the East Stroudsburg University Provost.

Any student related affairs such as parking, the University Safe Ride Program, and dining are directed to the chair of Student Affairs, Efia King, a senior. King also works closely with the Vice President of Student Affairs to ensure that the student’s voices are heard here on campus. The Student Affairs Committee worked on the safety walk and student suggestion week. The allocation of budgets for clubs and organizations falls in the hands of the chair of the finance committee, Atiba Kahn, a junior. The finance committee is currently devoting most of its assets to constructing the fall budget.

The Extra Curricular committee, chaired by Dan Hagan, recently completed their annual club fair, representing a record of 63 clubs. This committee is also in charge of making sure clubs and organizations are following all regulations put in place by East Stroudsburg University. The Special Event committee, chaired by sophomore Melissa Cimente, is in charge of any event related to Student Senate, such as fundraisers. They are currently working on Weiner Day and the Pink Light Walk.

The newest committee is the Enrollment Management Committee and is chaired by Franklin Dan Munoz. They were established to mediate student related problems in enrollment specifically. This includes all issues with Banner, customer related issues in enrollment (Zimbar), and they closely work with the Vice President of Enrollment and the Register.

If someone comes across a problem be sure to check and see if any of your Student Senate Committees will be able to help. Student Senate is voted on by the students and work for the students for the campus’ needs.

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