Transfer Services is There for New Students

SC Staff Writer

ESU has many resources available to their students.  One resource of particular importance to transfer students, is Transfer Services located next to Student Enrollment Services in Zimbar Hall.

The Transfer Services office currently employs five employees, and they are soon expecting two more.

Candice Pellegrino, the assistant registrar for transfer articulation, describes Transfer Services as a “resource for transfer students to get guided in the right direction.”  This guidance is a way to help transfer students make a successful transition from their previous college to ESU.

Transfer Services handles many day-to-day matters that are essential for accepting and guiding incoming and current transfer students.

Pellegrino describes Transfer Services as “fully-functioning in many ways.”  Some of these matters include processing transfer credit evaluations, and holding transfer information sessions.

To provide these sessions, Transfer Services works with the Admissions Office and their orientation programs which Pellegrino describes as a “dual effort,” to provide students with the information that they are looking for before classes start.

Transfer Services provides answers to questions that transfer students may pose about how credits transfer, meal plans, housing, e-cards, and any other questions about ESU.

This resource also provides information on how to get in touch with an advisor for a certain major or about how to obtain financial aid.  Students can drop in anytime to ask questions about anything they need to know.

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