ESU Welcomes Unifying “Spirit Fridays”

Brook Wadle sports her red and black for Spirit Friday. Photo Credit / Audra Organetti
Brook Wadle sports her red and black for Spirit Friday. Photo Credit / Audra Organetti
Brook Wadle sports her red and black for Spirit Friday.
Photo Credit / Audra Organetti


SC Staff Writer

As of the Fall 2013 semester at ESU, our Fridays are no longer like any other.

President Welsh announced last week her initiative to have everyone come to campus on Fridays sporting their Black & Red.

Participating in this campus weekly event is a way of supporting the campus’ activities such as our sport teams, clubs, and the campus spirit overall.

In order to see how well educated our ESU community is on Red and Black Fridays, I asked a few people if they had ever heard of this campus event.

Kelly Luciw, a senior majoring in English, shed light on her feelings towards this new activity.

Luciw states, “I am aware of Black and Red Fridays. I do not participate because I do not have classes on Fridays, and I live off campus.”

She continues, “I think it is a good concept for the University to get students involved. It doesn’t hurt to show pride for your campus at least one day out of the week.”

Elise Lazard and Katelin Delano, also English majors, had not heard of this new trend.

“I like the idea. I never even knew about it though, so I never dressed up for them. Maybe I’ll start,” said Lazard.

Delano, on the other hand, had a slight different opinion.

“I think it’s a good idea, but I’m too lazy to coordinate my outfit to match school colors on a Friday.”

As a commuter student, I often feel unable to participate in many of the University’s activities that go on daily since I am only on campus a few hours a day.

Personally, I find the effort put into Red and Black Fridays is worthy of consideration by our faculty, students, and staff.

They could be a come together effort.

The stress of assignments and overload of courses can void many students the opportunity to sit in the stands at an ESU football games, or going to a local show at the Sherman Theatre sponsored by ESU.

However, every Friday allows students to participate in the University’s attempt to show unity, pride and spirit.

President Walsh reminds her followers on Twitter every Friday in support of getting everyone involved.

Some people feel it is hypocritical to suggest supporting the University you work for when you are facing possible termination.

That is like asking for support from someone who gives you no peace of mind.

This is a strong, oppositional point of view compared to Luciw’s, and I am almost certain that there are several different opinions that have still not been heard.

We as a student body need to stay informed with the issues on campus, but that does not mean we should neglect our duties to show our pride.

When it is as simple as throwing on black sweatpants and a red hoodie on a Friday morning, why not?

This may be just what the campus needs to boost the community’s morale and show that we belong to stay as a community with all the professors and students that we have right now, despite economic hardships that the University is facing.

Participating in something as simple as Red and Black Friday’s will hopefully help us focus on the importance of staying a strong, structured unit.

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