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Danielle Dungee, Audra Organetti, and Tanya Lorah enjoy fallen leaves of Autumm. Photo Credit / Brook Wadle
Danielle Dungee, Audra Organetti, and Tanya Lorah enjoy fallen leaves of Autumm. Photo Credit / Brook Wadle
Danielle Dungee, Audra Organetti, and Tanya Lorah enjoy fallen leaves of Autumm.
Photo Credit / Brook Wadle


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October has begun, and as the seasons change to Fall, the beautiful scenery in the mountains of the Poconos is changing as well.

In order to fully embrace the season’s greatness, you must devote your time to the best Fall festivities that you can come up with, whatever it is– try it, safely.

I am sure there will be more than I have to offer, but here are a few to get you started!

There are an extraordinary amount of opportunities that young, active students can get involved in outdoors to enjoy the fresh air.

Some of these festivities may cost some money, but others require no cost at all.

If hay rides, pumpkin picking, mazes, and haunted houses peak your interests, there are plenty of places in the area that offer these activities.

If you are not the type that likes to go out and be social, there are other activities.

Grab all the candy you want and enjoy a scary movie at your local theatre.

However, the fun will come at a cost. If you rather keep your money in your pocket, go outside with some friends and play a few rounds of football, ultimate frisbee, or whatever sport suits you best.

Another option could be more decorative, but still just as engaging.

There is pumpkin carving, or a less of a mess alternative may be to paint the pumpkins. Those who live in dorm rooms can decorate their doors with images of candy corn, leaves, or anything related to the Fall season.

Go to the store and pick up the multi-colored lights for Halloween and put them around your dorm.

Those who live off campus in an apartment or home can decorate your homes in the same way.

Keep your porch light on and pass out candy to the kids that participate in trick or treating for Halloween.

Aside from all these possibilities, East Stroudsburg University (ESU) has a wide variety of interesting events for the month of October according to their website.

Starting October 12, 2013, ESU’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) is hosting Fright Fest, which is a trip to Great Adventure from noon to 10 PM.

The cost for a ticket and a roundtrip bus ride is $35, with a limitation on two tickets per person. If interested, the sign up sheet is in room 211 at the third floor of the Union.

On the same night, Patrick Monaghan is organizing a Freaky Funny Fright Night, starting at 10 pm and is free of charge.

On October 15, the Student Activity Association (SAA) is hosting a Pumpkin Carving event at 9 PM to 11 PM, in Dansbury Commons, located at 280 Normal Street with no cost.

Patrick Monaghan is also hosting Halloweekend on October 26 at 10 PM at Laurel Lounge, located at 289 Normal Street, which is also free of charge.

Whether you want to engage in activities with your buddies, or if you prefer to keep it low key, there are plenty of options for you to chose from.

Not everything requires money, remember a fun game called “man-hunt”? That is the best for this time of year!

The most important thing is that you respect your own time and enjoy yourself! Take part in the festive events going on around ESU and engage.

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