Quench Your Taste Buds


SC Contributing Writer

Are you always on-the-go and in a rush? Not sure what you want to eat or if you’ll have time? Do you hate having to choose between fast and easy or nutritious and delicious? The struggle is real but struggle no more, venture into town and eat at Quench, a local café and juice bar.

Located cozily in the town of Stroudsburg at 11 N. 6th Street, Quench provides a variety of fresh and natural menu options. Serving breakfast, lunch, and Sunday brunch, Quench provides a range of soups, salads, panini sandwiches, protein snacks, fresh fruit, breakfast, and of course, juice and smoothies.

Quench provides a welcoming and warm atmosphere for any occasion. You can take a sigh of relief now that you no longer have to choose between a quick meal or healthy meal. Meal time is something to look forward to.

Convenient and affordable, Quench provides made from scratch food, which gives Quench an edge over other eateries in the area. They are devoted to avoiding overly processed, chemically-engineered, and synthetic foods. Quench buys ingredients locally. Most produce and items used at Quench are grown or made in our region.

Jackie and Nicole DeFour opened Quench in 2009 with the concept that the body has the ability to heal and function well based on proper nutrition. As a society we’ve lost sight of what food should be and what food is.

Today, there are more chemicals, preventives, and genetically modified ingredients in most products. Quench is taking a new approach to food, going back to the ways of earlier generations—fresh and local.

Quench is more than a café and juice bar, it’s a friendly environment where you can sit down with friends or by yourself and feel at peace.

Visit quench for food and beverages that are good for the both the body and soul.

Quench is open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9:30 AM to 3 PM, and Sunday 2:30 PM 4:30 PM.

To know more about Quench, visit www. quenchjuicecafe.com to see a full menu and learn more about the food and beverage options available.

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