How to Stay Healthy During the Off-Season


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Athletes train hard during their sport’s season to play their best and defeat their opponents.

Have you ever wondered what they do during the off-season to get ready for next year?

Athletes’ determination to win does not just die out when their sport ends for the year.

East Stroudsburg University helps its athletes remain fit and prepared for game time by giving all off-season athletic teams the opportunity to workout with one of the school’s trainers.

These trainers work to keep athletes in shape when they are not playing in games or matches.

Any athletic team that wishes to participate will be given a trainer, and they will work with the players tirelessly.

The offseason training schedules vary depending on the sport.

For a fast moving, high-intensity sport such as tennis, the training begins with cardio.

The tennis team begins with a few dynamic stretches and then gets down to work.

The workout typically begins with 30 minutes of various fast-paced agility exercises, and then the team goes off to the weight room.

The rest of the workout focuses on strength training and muscle building.

These workouts are typically run three times a week to make sure athletes remain active.

These off-season exercises are not meant to give the players time to relax before next season.

They are very difficult workouts that can lead to soreness for many days afterwards.

They work nearly every part of your body and take some time to get used to.

If you see an athlete limping around campus, there’s a strong possibility that their season just ended and training has begun.

If a student wants to join in on a training session, they would need to get involved with one of the sports teams on campus.

Off-season training is a great way to stay in shape, and it just proves that an athlete’s job is never officially finished.


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