Student Senate Midsemester Update


SC Staff Writer


With Midterms over, Student Senate appears to keep busy.

The first half of the semester was filled with discussion on retrenchment, homecoming, and the many committee updates.

The beginning of the semester held a swearing in ceremony for the new members on Student Senate—there were also a few meetings where new clubs on campus where discussed.

Student Senate has continued to discuss retrenchment; they have yet to take a stance on the issues.

The senators claim that this is partly due to the fact that they don’t have enough information.

Some senators pushed to take sides, but it was explained that picking a side without full knowledge could create chaos.

At one meeting it was discussed that the major issue isn’t necessarily anything at ESU; it is in fact because at a state level they are cutting funding for state schools.

At ESU, it is suggested that students write to their local representatives about funding.  Decrease in enrollment and retention are both related to ESU’s financial deficit.

According to Student Senate, any suggestions to help gain and keep students here would be greatly appreciated.

Homecoming is this weekend; it was a topic of discussion at the Student Senate meetings.

It is an ESU tradition that Student Senate is to nominate two of their own members for king and queen to represent them.

This year the nominees are to make videos of themselves, and their cause. The video is then uploaded to the homecoming website. New this year: students can now vote on the go, with text to vote.

Every Student Senate meeting also has updates for each committee.

The committee president, turns, and addresses all those in the Student Senate Chambers. Each individual announces what it is that they have been doing to help the student body.

Updates include what events the committee has been planning, if they need help with anything for the event, during the event, or after the event, how past events went, and what they are doing next.

Student Senate meets every other Thursday on the second floor of the Union in the Senate Chambers at 2 PM.

There is an allocated time for anyone— not a senate member—to speak. Anyone with questions or concerns can attend the meetings, and address them to the Student Senate personally.

You can also contact them at 570-422-3267 or 570-422-3417.


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