Ten Costumes You’re Sure to See on Halloween


SC Staff Writer


Halloween is the only time of the year when people can dress up as anyone or anything.  Whether a costume is made from scratch or bought from a store, every Halloween weekend there are certain ones that students know they will inevitably see on campus.

These are the top ten most unoriginal Halloween costumes seen on a college campus.

1. The Classic Animal Costume

The animal most associated with Halloween is the cat, which many female students usually choose to dress up as.  However, the whole animal kingdom is up for grabs when choosing a costume.  Instead of dressing up as lions and tigers and bears, choose something more exotic and unusual.

2. The Superheroes from the Avengers

Costumes such as Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk are always seen soaring around.  Dressing up as a superhero requires little work.  All one needs is a body suit, a mask, and a cape.  So instead of being a superhero that everyone already knows, make up a new one that you can claim as your own—the possibilities are endless.

3. A Doctor or Nurse

The doctor costume usually requires a pair of scrubs, a surgical mask, and scrub cap.  It can be easily put together, and that is probably why it’s often seen on Halloween.  The nurse costume can be worn in a variety of ways, and is usually over-done with a pair of fishnet stockings or a fake syringe.

4. The Walking Dead Characters

You will most likely see someone dressed up as Rick or even a zombie.  Zombies have always been a popular costume choice, but they’ve been seen one too many times.

5. Lady Gaga

Her outfits certainly qualify as costumes.  However, they have become too frequently seen on Halloween, and are expected to be seen around campus.  The Lady Gaga costume, no matter which bizarre one is chosen, has become a cliché.

6. A Devil or Angel

These costume choices remain popular, so expect to see people wearing them around campus. Although they are usually modified in different ways, take it a step further and individualize them.  You could be a specific celebrity’s or political figure’s angel or devil.

7. The Nerd

This is a trendy costume for both male and female students.  It can be funny and cute, but not new.

8. The Cop

This is also a common choice for both male and female students.  Female students usually alter it by wearing a skirt instead of pants. A cop hat and a set of handcuffs are typical of both of these costumes.  Although campus police may be flattered by students’ imitations of them, these costumes are highly unoriginal.

9. The Flapper and the Gangster

These costumes are flashy, but they have become hackneyed.  The Gatsby-like look has never died on Halloween, and will most likely be seen often on campus.

10. The Witch

This is a classic Halloween costume that consists of a pointed hat, a long dark gown, and a broomstick.  It’s usually worn in all black but sometimes it’s worn in neon purple or green.  This monotonous costume can be spiced up with some multi-colored print and some bright make-up.

There are so many costumes to choose from, but deciding what to wear is the hard part.  So be original, and be the only one wearing your costume on campus this Halloween.


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