ESU has Moore to Come

Wes Moore visits ESU on November 19. Photo Credit / Jamie Reese
Wes Moore visits ESU on November 19. Photo Credit / Jamie Reese
Wes Moore visits ESU on November 19.
Photo Credit / Jamie Reese


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On November 19, 2013, the fall semester’s “One Book, One Campus” program will conclude in the visitation of Wes Moore, the author of “The Other Wes Moore – One Name, Two Fates.”

The aim of this program has been to increase readership in the community, and to create a common facet for members of the community to engage one another.

As such, East Stroudsburg University has hosted weekly readings and discussions every Wednesday since the beginning of the semester.

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates…is a great read and has the potential to create some meaningful discussion and dialogue among faculty, staff and students on our campus,” said ESU President Marcia G. Welsh. “I encourage everyone to participate in this great reading initiative.”

The “One Book, One Campus” program started as a result of the combined efforts of many faculty members, who were motivated by a similar program known as “One City, One Book.” In 1998, “If All of Seattle Read the Same Book” became the first of such programs.

When Wes comes to visit, members of the community will have the opportunity to attend dinner with him in the Keystone Room.

The dinner will be from 5 PM to 7 PM, and costs $75 per person. This dinner will include a photo with the author and a reserved seat at Wes’s presentation immediately after.

In celebration of the program, the University, in conjunction with Barnes and Noble, is sponsoring an essay contest.

The winners of the contest will receive a Nook electronic reader donated by Barnes & Noble and the University Bookstore. They will also present their essays to Wes Moore before his evening address to the university and community.

Essays are due November 14 at 5 PM, and must be 1,500 words or more. Three prompts are available, and prompt selections should be specified on a cover page.

The prompts, courtesy of the university, are as follows:

Essay Prompt A: Describe a social issue brought up in The Other Wes Moore. How does this issue expand beyond the book to affect our world nationally and/or globally? How can you apply your college education to address this issue in the future?

Essay Prompt B: The value and privilege associated with education is a theme throughout “The Other Wes Moore.” How has the book affected your perspective on the value of achieving a college education? How has it changed your approach to college life and the opportunities ahead at ESU? What impact will a college education have on changing your life?

Essay Prompt C: The impact of role models, peers, and others’ expectations is a theme returned to many times in The Other Wes Moore. How have these factors played a role in your life, positively or otherwise?

Email your essays to Dr. Pruim at, or turn in a copy to Department of Philosophy (428 Normal Street).


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