NBC’s Twisted Fairy Tale Drama Returns with a Bang


SC Staff Writer


Just in time for Halloween, NBC premiered the first episode of “Grimm’s” third season, picking up where it left off last season.

Nick, our beloved Grimm, has been infected with Baron Samedi’s poison spit and has been kidnapped by Captain Renard’s royal brother, The Prince of Vienna.

During the plane ride there, Nick wakes up in a zombie stupor and crashes the plane with the deadly Baron on board.

Seemingly unharmed, the infected detective proceeds to get into a dangerous and deadly bar fight before attacking an innocent family.

The episode ends with Nick spotting the residential home, with his band of merry men made up of his partner Hank, Captain Renard, Monroe and Rosalee, his wesen sidekicks, and his determined girlfriend Juliette.

The second episode continues with Nick’s violent tendencies getting the best of him.

After keeping Nick from hurting the family, his band effectively trap him in a barn and manage to administer Rosalee’s cure.

Though he is “back” to his old self, now Det. Nick Burkhardt has to deal with the fallout of his actions, including the death of one of his bar-fight opponents, and the assassination of the Prince of Vienna.

Also, old foe, Adalind, is getting closer to regaining her Hexenbeist powers.

With such a promising start to the new season, it will be interesting to find out how Nick deals with the actions of “Zombie” Nick.  It will be fascinating to see what becomes of Adalind as well.

And how will the royal families respond to the death of their beloved prince?

Grimm airs on NBC every Friday at 9 PM. Previous episodes can be seen on NBC’s website.


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