Parade Instills Warrior Spirit

ESU’s Equestrian team participating in the Homecoming Parade. Photo Credit / Jenny Bront
ESU’s Equestrian team participating in the Homecoming Parade. Photo Credit / Jenny Bront
ESU’s Equestrian team participating in the Homecoming Parade.
Photo Credit / Jenny Bront


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With homecoming events in full swing, the Homecoming Parade was another tradition that was celebrated on campus—extending even further into East Stroudsburg itself.

Beginning at Lower Dansbury, the ensemble of decorated vehicles looped around campus  and into the heart of town.The parade featured an array of ESU organizations, and sponsors.

They included the ESU Cheerleaders, the ESU Equestrian Team, Warrior Mascot, Burgy, 90.3 Wess ESU radio, Representatives of Hemlock and Hawthorne Suites, Sigma Pi, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Esu Dance Team, Lamda Iota, Rec Center, Alpha Omicron Pi, Athletic Training Club, Representatives for Linden and Shawnee Halls, Alpha Sigma Tau, Mu Sigma Upsilon, Student Senate, EsyoU, the Baseball Team, Representatives for the Blacked Out Football Game, Kappa Alpha Psi,CAB,the 2013 ESU Homecoming Court, with President Welsh bringing up the rear.

The ESU Equestrian Team, participated in the Parade for the first time this year. “It was so much fun and we would do it again.

“We did this for more recognition and it was a great bonding experience,”  said team member, Haley Weisenfluh.  Other participants included Alumni Award Winners—Sherry Salway Black and Thomas Petro—Alumni Reunion Classes of 1958 and 1963, and Distinguished Professor, Rick Wesp.

Sponsors of the parade included Pocono Raceway, Youth Infusion, The local Brownie Troop, Big Brothers and Sisters, State representative candidate, Jackie Leonard, various companies being advertised on a large vehicle, Monroe Public Library, and Hampton Inn.

PSECU decided to sponsor the event as well. When asked what they represent, intern Valerie Morales said, “We give back to the members and give money for school scholarships.  Our motto is ‘Be Your Change.’”

Some of the floats featured in the procession included the Halloween inspired float, by The Athletic Department.

Another was the Amazonian display by the Mu Sigma Upsilon Sisters, and the Warrior inspired Float made by the Campus Activities Board—with group member Tyler Hernandez dressed head to toe in Warrior garb.

A “Spirit of the Woman Warrior” inspired exhibit, featured some of History’s and Pop Culture’s mightiest female warriors—such as Katniss, Joan of Arc, and Sacagaweo.

Though the overall parade was a success, ESU’s very own Marching Band did not perform— in response to the retrenchment issue that has plagued the ESU campus. “We decided that if the school administrators didn’t support us, then why should we support them.  We believe in ESU and the students but not the body that runs it,” said a source that would like to remain anonymous.

Nevertheless, even with all the pessimism of the retrenchment, Homecoming inspired the Warrior spirit in other organizations.  Tyler Hernandez, a rep from CAB said that the Parade is about “showing as much school spirit and support as we can.”

The sisters behind the Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority also showed their support using their motto—“Find the Warrior in You.”

Members Gianna Morris and Adrienne Rodriguez believe that ESU students are “Fierce, independent, and strong.”

They believe that the Amazon embodies this, and it is what makes her the perfect mascot for their sorority.

With homecoming events winding down, students can look back at these events and remember what ESU is all about. Though ESU has its share of problems, Warriors never back down or give up. They have proved that they are here to stay.


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