Remembering Fallen Warriors


SC Contributing Writer


On November 1, East Stroudsburg University held its sixth annual Remembrance Day ceremony.

This ceremony is an event used to reflect on the lives of students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and staff, from the ESU community who passed away during the past academic year.

Members of The Warrior Elite and volunteers from The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Retired Faculties (APSCURF) were at the door waiting to greet anyone who attended the ceremony.  As people entered, the wind ensemble played some instrumental music.

Upon entering the Keystone Room, there were fresh fruits, vegetables and other refreshments, ESU’s own wind ensemble, tables filled with other attendees, and memorials to some of those who were lost during the past academic year.

The ceremony commenced at 1 PM with Doreen M. Tobin making some opening remarks about the purpose of ceremony.

After the ceremony’s introduction, President Marcia G. Welsh spoke about the ceremony.  She wanted everyone to know that “the ESU family extends far beyond this campus” and hopes that everyone “will look to us for help and support” whenever anyone needs it.

Nancy L. Weaver read the names of those lost.  There were three speakers who talked about those who have passed on during the past academic year.  Van A. Reidhead spoke about the staff and faculty, Mr. Justin Amann spoke about students, and Ms. Brooke F. Donovan spoke about alumni.

Reverend Ed. Freeborn of East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church made reflections.  He opened his speech by quoting the song “You Raise Me Up” and he went on to say that wherever special, wonderful, people walked “that place is a holy place.”

Ms. Tessa Vatalaro, who lost her sister Jenna Vatalaro, gave the closing remarks and the vocalist and pianist closed the ceremony with ESU’s alma mater.  The reception followed this closing.

A couple of the attendees of the ceremony shared their thoughts about it during the reception.

Ashley Wilder said, “It was a beautiful ceremony.”  Her uncle passed away this past year and this is the first time she has attended the ceremony.

Deanna Walter, French horn player for ESU’s Wind ensemble, said “It was a very nice, solemn ceremony and it was a good chance to bring community to those, who have lost people close to them, and fellowship with others.”


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