“Thrilled” to be NEPA’s Largest Dance Mob


SC Contributing Writer


Ghosts, princesses, witches, and zombies danced to the sound of techno music in anticipation for the ESU “Thriller” theme dance mob to begin.

On this years foggy and rainy Halloween night, homecoming festivities began with a dance mob that had all of Crystal Street in East Stroudsburg closed for an hour.

Children of all different ages, parents, ESU students, staff, faculty, and administration gathered around the front stage, listening to Dracula as he started the countdown to the dance at 9 PM.

With minutes remaining, “Thriller” T-shirts were thrown to the loudest in the crowd, and the excitement grew among the younger participants.

The deejay knew just the type of music to play for the audience as the countdown came to an end and the crowd chanted from 10 seconds to one.

As the crowd cheered one, Michael Jackson’s song, “Thriller,” blasted through the speakers and the one-minute dance mob began.

Some people learning the dance for the first time followed the instructor on the front stage, while others followed the steps of  dance students wearing red in the crowd.

“It was really fun,” said ESU sophomore Leslie Santos.

“There were more people than I expected.”

There were several classes prior to the event that gave students and other participants a chance to learn the steps.

In addition to classes, a video was featured on the ESU website that allowed participants to learn on there own.

Transportation was available for students who were interested in participating in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s largest dance mob.

Natalie Schultz, one of ESU’s dance teachers, choreographed the dance according to the student teachers of the classes.

“The dance class was fun itself,” said ESU student Sarah Diesher.

“I met an older man at the class I went to who came  from a town an hour away to be apart of the ‘Thriller’ dance mob. He said that it was on his bucket list to be apart of a dance mob which I thought that was cool.”

“This was such a fun time,” said ESU senior Ashley Johnson.

“I got all of my friends to do it with me, and I would do it again any day.”

Homecoming events continued throughout the weekend including the homecoming football game, homecoming floats, and homecoming parade.


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